Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Coffeen - You Must Be Certain of the Coffeen

I must admit to having written and then re-written the opening paragraph to this review around five times, as this album is a bit of an odd fish.

Hailing from Italy, The Coffeen mix together Sabbath sensibilities and Misfits-style horror punk to create an almost unique take on stoner/doom - and it works really well.
I must admit that when I heard album opener Zombies for Breakfast, I wasn't too sure - but when Fistfuck Rising stormed in I changed my mind immediately.
Fuzz-laden guitar tones abound, with the bass pushed right up in the mix, this is a release sure to leave you with a grin on your face - there's even a good few Tom G Warrior style UGH!s thrown in for good measure.
As I said before, the music is a mix of horror-punk and doom, which might seem like uneasy bedfellows at first but listening to the album will dispel any worries you might have, as The Coffeen mix their influences and come out on the other side with a sound that is all their own; part rock album, part horror film soundtrack.
I absolutely love the Saint Vitus/Black Flag style closer When the Telephone Doesn't Ring.
Great stuff!

Italian label Moonlight Records have put this out, and they seem to be putting together a varied and impressive roster over there - click away and check 'em out.

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