Sunday, 23 April 2006

Ramesses / Sourvein


Fucking Ramesses and Sourvein Ruled last night.
I only had one EP by Sourvein, the "Emerald Vulture" EP and I now need to seek out the rest.
They had stuff on sale but with it being the end of the month I only had enough for a Ramesses shirt and a few bevvies.

Let down by the appearance of posers once again.
Ramesses were boss, about halfway through I noticed they didn't have "Master Your Demons" in the setlist, and Adam (who me and Skum were talking to later, hes a really nice fella) introduced the next song, and I shouted for "Master" instead - he says "OK then this is Master Your Demons" and played it! Woo go me!

Photos here.