Friday, 6 June 2008

Brutal Truth, Manchester Feb 2007

So there's another little adventure over.
On Monday Morning we flew out to Dublin and after a bit of wandering around we spent the afternoon in Eamon Doran's listening to Satyricon and Megadeth before we went across the Liffy for Total Fucking Destruction, Narcosis and Brutal Truth.

Total Fucking Desctruction were awesome, the highlight this first night was "Let the Children Name Themselves", Narcosis I had never seen before and I was blown away.
Totally OTT and sick as fuck, searing vocals and very talented musicians.
One to watch.
Brutal Truth were fucking great, they seemed to be having a great time up there and it was great to have a little windmill to the likes of "Walking Corpse".
Windmill?!? I've never fucking windmilled in my life before that, and hopefully never will again!

After the show it was hang around for a bit and then we went off to a dance club to rave all night, but that's another story for another time.

We flew back home on Tuesday and drove up to Manchester for the next date of the tour, arriving too late to see the extra group(s?) that were on before TFD.
TFD weren't as good as the night before for me, although the cover of The Exploited's "Sid Vicious Was Innocent" was an absolute belter!!
Narcosis were all over the fucking place (that's in a good way) again, and I'm amazed at how they can play and sing like that two nights in a row, never mind for a full tour!
Brutal Truth were, for my money, even better here tonight than in Dublin.
I dunno whether it was because they were able to smoke on stage here but they were intense and it was the most amazing pit I've seen at a show, ever, full stop.
Constant, all the way through.
I really wish I could have been to more shows on this tour but I could only give myself two days off that week.
Oh well, here's to Bergen Domkirke and Sunn O)))!!!

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