Thursday, 28 March 2013

They Used Dark Forces.

Cathedral have released their latest (and last, apparently) video, Tower of Silence. It's a fitting epitaph for a group that carried the flame of traditional doom for a long time through some very dark ages. Part music video, part Hammer/Ossorio gothic horror, the lads here at Thee Claw will be very sad to see Cathedral go. But don't just take our word for it. Have a look, and worship the riff.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Beastwars stream new track

You're obviously well aware of how highly we rate Beastwars here, and whilst I'm dragging my heels reviewing their latest belter of an album Blood Becomes Fire, here's a little bit of news for you: Beastwars are proud to offer the free download of "Caul of Time" from their critically acclaimed new album Blood Becomes Fire. Due for release April 19, Blood Becomes Fire is gathering rave reviews and is already being heralded as one of the best metal records of 2013. "Caul of Time" is available now for free download from could listen to it here.

The Jeffrey Uppercut - Live Hard

When an EP starts off with a sample of Begbie from Trainspotting just after he's launched a pint glass off a balcony onto some lass's head, not only are getting a taster of what is about to come, you are shitting yourself before a note has even been played. So it is with Live Hard from The Jeffrey Uppercut.

 Like the ultimate crossover album that the Exploited always wanted to make but were too busy being a cartoon parody of themselves, Live Hard rattles your speakers with some street level, hardfaced raw punk rock.
 The ferocity of the songs is staggering, straight on from the speech from King Begbie, From Order to Disorder smashes right into you before slowing down to almost a crawl with double kicks and screeched vocals, before a squeal of feedback and a one two three four into Streetlights, which is streaming at the end of this review.
The title track is a one hundred second long beating with a boss shout-along at the end, and is followed up with Get the Fuck Out of My Way - together, surely three minutes of the toughest sounds that will be committed to disc this year.
Samples of bar room brawls and just honest to goodness scrapping permeate the chugging riffs and barked vocals, I bet their live gigs are an absolute riot!
The sheer anger at the end of Naive has to be heard to be believed, too. Rounding off with Cunt, a song that slowly builds into a hunchbacked, sneering monster; the lyrics only consist of three words, and the song only needs three words to make it's point.

 Live Hard was produced by Tom Dring (Dragged Into Sunlight, Corrupt Moral Altar, Iron Witch) and it gives this punkiness a sludgy, metallic edge. If you imagine all the violent punk that you can think of (all the Boston hardcore like SS Decontrol, Negative FX, Blood for Blood, also stuff like WBTD etc for starters) and give it a rougher English working class edge, then you have The Jeffrey Uppercut. The EP should be out in the next few weeks, until then get a load of these tracks:

Get over to their sites and check 'em out, they are also set to play the PDSA all dayer in Kirkdale, Liverpool soon (which is a great price for a good cause):

Is this the best flyer EVER?

This is coming up in June at Bannerman's in Edinburgh. A flyer like this demands your attendance!

FULL OF HELL Discharges Track From Impending A389 LP Via Noisey/Vice

With a bestial eruption of noise-drenched/death-fueled hardcore which has set the underground ablaze in the past several years, crushing quartet FULL OF HELL will unload their newest sonic assault, Rudiments Of Mutilation, late this Spring via A389 Recordings.

 Responsible for releasing an epidemic of demos, singles, splits and a previous LP constantly since their inception only four years ago, FULL OF HELL create a barrage of whiplashing metallic hate, psycho-drone feedback holes, and wall noise-drenched pedal attacks a noxious brew of Converge, Cursed and Pageninetynine gone the ways of Bastard Noise, early Napalm Death and Discordance Axis. The young crew performs their live shows with incredible conviction, catapulting their energetic hatesurge into the audience and inspiring all-out melees amongst the humans. Rudiments Of Mutilation captures more of these aspects than any previous recordings, penetrating with the most corrosive blasting attacks and noise infiltration from FULL OF HELL yet, recorded with Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations and mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, Old, Phantomsmasher).

 Today Noisey, Vice Magazine’s music channel, drops the brutalizing third track from Rudiments Of Mutilation, the putrid “Coven of the Larynx” -- BLAST IT HERE.

 An A389 priority, FULL OF HELL will dispense Rudiments Of Mutilation on LP, CD and digital delivery June 11th alongside the massive debut from thrashers Noisem and the newest album from the iniquitous Integrity. Following very recent tours with Gaza, Code Orange Kids, Homewrecker shows through this year’s SXSW and more, FULL OF HELL already has a massive tour schedule planned for the coming weeks and more lining up through the Summer, including tours with labelmates Integrity, Gehenna, Seven Sisters of Sleep and others, performances at this year’s Maryland Deathfest and Chaos In Tejas, and a pending European tour, for starters.

 FULL OF HELL Confirmed Live Actions:

4/25/2013 Mosh Basement - Newburgh, NY w/ Raindance

4/26/2013 No Problemo - New Bedford, MA  w/ Raindance

4/27/2013 Steven’s - Hoboken, NJ w/ Raindance

4/28/2013 Gallery U - Bethlehem, NY

5/22/2013 The Zebra Club - Long Island, NY w/ Gehenna, Homewrecker

5/24/2013 Maryland DeathFest 2013 - Baltimore, MD

5/27/2013 Kingdom - Richmond, VA w/ Integrity, Gehenna

5/28/2013 Motorco Music Hall - Durham, NC w/ Integrity, Gehenna, Young And In The Way

5/29/2013 The End - Nashville, TN w/ Integrity, Gehenna

5/30/2013 Siberia - New Orleans, LA w/ Integrity, Gehenna

5/31/2013 Hotel Vegas - Austin, TX @ Chaos In Tejas w/ Gehenna

Celebrate the CruciFiction

Good Friday in Liverpool sees a gathering of Black and Doom Metal bands at the Lomax, four bands for £5.

Driving in the nails will be Chisham's PRIMITIVE GRAVEN IMAGE, Liverpool's very own NINKHARSAG (who are streaming their full album here) and CRYPT LURKER, and from the other end of the frozen M62, Mancunia's WODE (whose demo we reviewed here and you can check out here.)

I should be there for at least some of this so be sure to get hold of me and gimme copies of your demos!
I drink bitter, by the way.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Seagraves - WRONG

Further to our earlier post with a review of the new Seagraves CD Weight of the World, Jez Walshaw kindly got in touch to remind us you can all check out the official video for the track WRONG online.
And where can you see this visual feast? well, look no further than after these words!

Iron Hearse - Get in the Hearse

I'm going to come straight out now and tell you how happy this CD has made me.
Much like the XII Boar and Mage CDs that have dropped onto the mat at Claw Towers this past few weeks, this has just made me think of being on summer road-trips to far off cities for gigs; it's fuzzed-out biker style world-weariness immediately becoming the soundtrack to as yet only imagined motorway races, a crate of beer between your legs as you ride shotgun.

But anyway, enough of my imagination, what's it actually like?

The lads from Wiltshire (actually not far from Malmesbury where I lived for a bit as a young lad)
 have a sound that owes as much to the darkened back rooms of pubs during the days of the NWOBHM as it does to the sunny climes of LA and Saint Vitus, and on this, their second full album, they have fashioned the skills from years of gigging into seven new tracks and a re-working of their live anthem Ain't No New Thing.

It's equal parts thundering rockers and fuzzed-out toe-tappers, in parts Sabbath-esque passages sit alongside parts that remind me of Angel Witch and so on, putting a uniquely English slant on what some would consider a more transatlantic sound.

Throughout the record there are some great lead guitar parts that put me in mind of Dave Chandler, courtesy of Grant Powell, who also handles vocals with a gruff, biker-style delivery which also stretches to almost Sean Harris territory at times.
Being a three peice, the sound is rounded out by Liam and Kev on bass and drums respectively, and this is a very low-end heavy sounding band.

A brilliant soundtrack for what looks to be a great summer for fuzzy British metal!

For Fans of: Saint Vitus, Sabbath, Angel Witch, Diamond Head, Orange Goblin

Stream it here, download for £2.50, and if you want to pay a fiver you can get a rather smart "vinyl CD" version which is an LP style sleeve with probably the coolest looking CD I've seen for ages:

Other links to check out:


Seagraves - Weight of the World

Leeds veterans Seagraves return with a five track release Weight of the World, and it's good, dark hardcore punk rock.

Opening track Hollow Lies is a mid-paced track that sort of lulls you into a false sense of security before Seagraves smash you in the mouth with the second track Dreams are for Fools, with it's stop-start riffing and staccato double-bass attack, also jamming out some filthy grooves too.

Obvious, lazy comparisons are bound to be drawn, and there's a definite sound of your scene heavyweights like Converge et al, who the band have toured with, but I'd say the band remind me more of a homegrown World Burns to Death, especially on tracks like the title track here, which barrels along like an out-take from The Sucking of Missile Cock by the aforementioned WB2D.

Blood Runs Black is full of surprising twists and turns, a lot more melodic than I was expecting, and the final song, Wrong, is more furious breakneck kängpunk violence, which leaves you dazed, and (with the whole thing over after about 15 minutes), rather perversely, wanting another kick in the face at the end.

A cracking, powerful release reccomend for fans of Converge, World Burns to Death, His Hero is Gone, Botch ETC. 

Saturday, 9 March 2013

You know we're excited about this.

In 2011, sludge metallers Beastwars transformed New Zealand's heavy music scene with their internationally acclaimed, multi-award-nominated debut. On 19 April 2013, the Wellington-based four-piece return with their highly anticipated new album, Blood Becomes Fire.

Abiding by Beastwars' own steadfast maxim, 'Obey the Riff', Blood Becomes Fire features 10 songs that serve witness to the end of days, told through the eyes of a dying traveler from another time.

"It's a reflection on mortality, death and disease. Sooner or later they come for all of us," says vocalist Matt Hyde.

"It’s a heavy album, both sonically and lyrically," says drummer Nathan Hickey, "but what solidifies it are the triumphant 'fuck yeah' riffs. To us, this music is like getting psyched up to go into battle. You could be at war with yourself, or someone else."

Following a successful collaboration on Beastwars' debut, Blood Becomes Fire was co-produced, recorded and mixed by Dale Cotton (HDU, Die! Die! Die!), mastered in California by John Golden (Neurosis, Swans, High on Fire), and features the art of Weta Workshop's award-winning Nick Keller—whose mind-melting gatefold oil paintings depict a twisted world inspired by the aural artillery within.

Beastwars formed in 2007, and their self-titled debut was released in 2011. It went in at #15 on the national charts, was shortlisted for the Taite Music Prize and nominated twice at 2011's New Zealand Music Awards, was a successful vinyl release, and topped Bandcamp's most downloaded lists.

Beastwars' reputation as a commanding live act has been secured with sold-out shows on multiple nationwide tours, and the band was hand-picked to support acts such as High On Fire, the Melvins, Kyuss Lives!, Kylesa, Black Cobra and Fu Manchu on their New Zealand tour dates.

Streaming audio sample and limited edition pre-order merch bundles of Blood Becomes Fire are available now at These include 100 gold and red split colour LPs with gatefold art, which come with custom Beastwars guitar picks.

Following the release of Blood Becomes Fire, Beastwars will tour Australia and New Zealand supporting John Garcia's post-Kyuss band, Unida, before headlining their own shows in May. 


1. Dune
2. Imperium
3. Tower of Skulls
4. Realms
5. Rivermen
6. Caul of Time
7. Ruins
8. Blood Becomes Fire
9. Shadow King
10. The Sleeper

Clayton Anderson – Guitar
Nathan Hickey – Drums
Matt Hyde – Vocals
James Woods – Bass


Most intense shopping trip ever

"...yes, but before you buy, you must answer this short quiz..."

Yes, we have our copy of The Underground Resistance, and yes, it's knocked even us sideways.
What else did we expect!

A389 Sign Necropsy

"A389 is stoked to announce the addition of Baltimore's NECROPSY to the label's roster.  The band's debut LP/CD 'Agony Defined' 
is a nine-track thrash/death metal assault loaded with precision shredding and the manic raw energy that made those early Morbid
Angel, Slayer and Cannibal Corpse so great.  And the kicker is...the oldest member of the band is 20 years old!  

Read an exclusive interview Josh Sisk did with the band for DECIBEL MAGAZINE and listen to the track 'Voices In The Morgue' below


03/09 Baltimore, MD @ The Sidebar w/ ILSA, Windhand, VYGR, Passengers
03/17 Baltimore, MD @ The Nerve Center w/ No Qualms, Knife Hits, Cold Inside, Endless Bummer
03/22 Silver Spring, MD @ The Pyramid Atlantic
4/12-13 Washington DC @ Damaged City Fest w/ Negative Approach, DropDead, ILSA, Sick Fix + Tons More
5/23 Baltimore, MD @ Maryland Death Fest w/ Bolt Thrower, Evoken, Abigail and more

NECROPSY 'Agony Defined' 12"/CD/Digital
Coming May 2013 on A389 Recordings

Disributors/Stores please contact:
For interviews or any other inquiries please contact:

FULL OF HELL Announce new album!!

Following their successful outing with Gaza/Code Orange Kids and on the verge of slash and burn campaigns of destruction towards SXSW, MDF and Chaos in Tejas, FULL OF HELL have announced a spring release for their anticipated new full length! Rudiments Of Mutilation (A389 Recordings), as revealed by Invisible Oranges, will follow-up a slew of split 7" releases (The Guilt Of..., Calm the Fire and Code Orange Kids) and the band's critically acclaimed 2011 debut Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home. Kevin Bernsten (Developing Nations) has returned to record the effort, while mastering was handled by James Plotkin.
Full of Hell is preparing to hit the road with Cleveland's own Homewrecker, following-up their successful outing at SXSW last year that saw them annihilate the crowd at the BrooklynVegan/Power of The Riff Deathmatch (alongside High on Fire, Trash Talk & more). The spring will bring another set of dates, when the young band will team with like-minded veterans Integrity and Gehenna for shows that will include appearances at the legendary Maryland Deathfest and Chaos in Tejas.
Combining the feedbacking nihilism of Bastard Noise, the needle-tracked sludge of Eyehategod and blasting that would sit comfortably beside Utopia Banished-era Napalm Death, Full of Hell is exploring new realms within grindcore, negative hardcore and just plain antisocial behavior. 'Rudiments of Mutilation' promises to be one of 2013' most dissonant and tinnitus inducing offerings to date.
Numb Your Mind.
FFO: The Endless Blockade, Cursed, Iron Lung, Pg.99, Magrudergrind, Swans, Napalm Death, Eyehategod, Bastard Noise


FOH/Homewrecker Tour Dates:
3/9 - Lansing, OH - Hellbent Fest III
3/10 - Indianapolis, IN - Hoosier Dome
3/11 - Chicago, IL - Alderaan
3/12 - St. Louis, MO - Fubar
3/13 - Springfield, IL - Lemon Drop
3/14 - Broken Arrow, OK - House Show
3/15 - Austin, TX- SXSW
EVENING SHOW: Annex 1808 w/Loma Prieta, Mutilation Rites, Power Trip + many more
LATE SHOW: Pearl Street Co Op w/Loma Prieta and Lemuria
3/16 - Austin,TX - SXSW
EVENING SHOW: The North Door w/ Pallbearer
LATE SHOW: The Clit Pit w/Loma Prieta, Illustrations
3/18 - Denton, TX - Macaroni Island
3/19 - Little Rock, AR - Soundstage
3/20 - Decatur, AL - Excalibur Vinyl and Vintage
3/21 - Atlanta, GA - WonderRoot
3/22 - Columbia, SC - 929 King Street
3/23 - Washington, DC - La Casa
Gehenna/Full Of Hell Tour Dates:
5/22-Long Island,NY
5/24-Maryland Deathfest*
5/25-Maryland Deathfest*
5/26-Maryland Deathfest*
5/30-New Orleans,LA*
5/31-Chaos in Tejas*
6/1-San Antonio,TX
6/2-Chaos In Tejas
6/3-El Paso,TX
6/5-San Diego,CA
6/8-Santa Ana,CA
6/9-San Francisco,CA
*w/ Integrity

Seagraves pre-order

Listen -

Buy -

Video for 'Wrong' courtesy of Monster Riffage can be found here 

Distinguished veterans of the Leeds scene, Seagraves are 4 men on a mission to combine the vitality & unchecked rage of 90s noisecore with nihilistic D-Beat crust. Having spent the best part of the last decade in various projects touring the Europe with Converge, Norma Jean, Cancer Bats & other massive names, it was time to regroup in a dingy practice room & hammer out some heavy jams.

Formed in early 2012, Seagraves draw influence from the turn of the century hardcore & crust movements. Easy comparisons to Botch & The Hope Conspiracy can be drawn but the sound is underpinned by the dirtier punky tones of His Hero Is Gone, Cursed etc.

Debut EP Weight of the World was recorded by Kris Barker at Panacea Studios (Needs Fire, Shoot the Bastard) & is to be put out by Witch Hunter Records ion February 24th 2013. A heavy gigging schedule is planned to follow this release & a promo video for 'Wrong' filmed by Monster Riffage launches too

Limited to 150 copies, this CD comes in a hand-crafted gatefold manilla card sleeve, with a lyric insert, and printed by Giant Iron Face

Niall Wright - Guitar/Vocals
Jonathan "Beefy" Kirk - Guitar/Vocals
James Wilson - Bass
Ben Palmer - Drums

Recorded by Kris Barker at Panacea Recordings, July 2012 

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