Sunday, 16 November 2008

Motörhead, Saxon, Manchester (Patchie)

On Friday night we made the short trip over to Manchester to see English/Welsh/Swedish institution Motörhead supported by Saxon at the Apollo.
Due to some major major traffic on the way into town we missed openers Danko Jones, and arrived just in time to run down to the front for Saxon as they finished their opening song Motorcycle Man.
This was my first time watching Saxon, and they didn't let me down.
With an extensive back catalogue to choose from and newer songs that fit well next to them, we were treated to a masterclass in English heavy metal from Biff, Quinny and the lads.
Highlight of the set for me apart from the more obvious ones (747, Princess of the Night and Denim and Leather) was And The Bands Played On, which really lends itself to a good old sing along!
They are back in April apparently, I'm a bit worried about this because I have a lot on that month but I'm going to do my best to get down and see them.
They played a song from their forthcoming album "Live to Rock" called Hellcat - in Skum's words "a bit dodgy".

After what seemed like an eternity, Motörhead hit the stage.
Lemmy looks twenty years younger behind the mic with a bass in his hand, Mikkey Dee is a powerhouse behind the kit and Phil Campbell, well, even wearing an identical hat to one that my girlfriend wears can't take away from his legendary awesomeness.
Opening up with Iron Fist the set, much like Saxon's, is a great mix of old and new, songs from the Motörizer album, such as future crowd favourite Rock Out nestling in well amongst surprise inclusion Another Perfect Day (those two were the standout tracks for me) and Be My Baby from Kiss of Death.
Of course we had the usual Metropolis/Stay Clean and Just Cos You Got The Power, I can't help echoing Skum's sentiments in his review that with such a large amount of amazing material in their locker they could throw out some curveballs now and again (Snakebite Love or even something like (Don't Let 'em) Grind Ya Down would be nice. I know it's too much to expect No Class or The Claw!).
An excellent performance from Thee Head, reminding all these young bugs how it should be done.

Top notch! 9.75/10 (0.25 marks lost for not rotating their back catalogue enough!)

On a bit more of a negative note, what the fuck is wrong with some of the people at Motörhead gigs?
As has been mentioned in other reviews on this very zine, 90-odd-percent of people there are only at the gig to hear Ace of Spades, but that's no excuse to act like you haven't been allowed out the house since the 1982 Reading Festival. People who you suspect could very well be your area manager from work soaking you in shitty Australian lager and trying to start "a pit" whilst shouting for Ace of Spades from the start of the show and calling Mikkey Dee a "fat cunt" during his solo.
Grow up lads. You put me off being at gigs there for a bit.


The SKUM said...

People starting pits to "747 Strangers In The Night" is why I hate manchester, half a shandy and they're off their heads cos big established bands gigs is the only way they get out these days, sad really.

Matt Amyx said...

It's not much better in Texas I'm afraid. Dallas is a corporate/college town with a TON of jerk-offs at shows. It's almost put me off shows for good. It has to be one of those REALLY badass shows for me to pay to put up with idiots.

skonk said...

It's Manchester, isn't it?! All the little biffy kids with their bought from Top Man Motorhead t-shirts on, going to the gig cos mummy and daddy have given them money. Little cunts ruin it for everyone at every show.

The SKUM said...

The kids were annoying but the 50 year old pricks all doing "toy fights" and throwing cider evryewhere absolutley fucking did my head in, I hope I'm well dead before I'm that old!