Sunday, 2 March 2008

Orange Goblin @ Birmingham Barfly, 1st March 2008

This week we went to 2 gigs, both in Birmingham, both at the Barfly. The 1st one was to see Mayhem being serious and dark in full-on black metal mode - the 2nd of the two was UK doom heroes Orange Goblin in full-on party mode.

This was a great gig. Orange Goblin aren't on a proper tour right now (they seem to have been playing one-off shows at various Barfly venues around the UK with each gig a month or so apart), but if their sets are anything to go by they still are on top form nonetheless. This was a set heavy with O.G. favourites (including "Scorpionica", "Quincy The Pig Boy", and the mighty "Some You Win Some You Lose") as well as a couple of cover tunes - Metallica's "Seek And Destroy" and Motorhead's "No Class" both making an appearance in the set list.

We only read about this gig a few days ago, at the afore-mentioned Mayhem gig, on a poster by the merchandise stall! Then, at the Orange Goblin gig, we saw the very same poster again and singer Ben Ward happened to be standing next to it when we were talking amongst ourselves about why we had traveled down from Liverpool just to see his band. His reply: "We're gonna be back in Liverpool in October! See you guys there!".

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