Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Deviated Instinct

So much going on this week that there hasn't been much of an opportunity to tell you about the gigs we've been to... isn't that kinda what this page is supposed to be all about??

Saturday night we hit Bradford for a gig at a great punk club hidden down a back street. The gig was an awesome one-off by crust legends Deviated Instinct, in the sweaty, crusty atmosphere of the 1 in 12.

Check it out:

Even now I haven't got that much time to tell you about the show, no full review today sorry! I'll leave the words to Patchie cos he's a reeeal big fan of D.I.

It was well worth the journey from Liverpool to see them, let's put it like that.

There is an all-dayer to be held in Bradford on the 12th of July, Pagan Altar are announced as headliners. Looks like we'll be back up that M60 motorway soon enough.

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