Sunday, 20 April 2008

Roadburn Day 3

Sorry about missing out a report about day 2 - we've been kinda busy over here, heh.

Day 3 music highlights:

Boris (with Michio Kurihara)
Dixie Witch
Cult Of Luna
Acid Mothers Temple

Dixie Witch and Kongh are stand-out highlights for me, I've never heard either of them before and they both blew me away. Can't wait to get home and order some stuff by them both. Also I have heard that Kongh are touring in the UK sometime in May so I get to see them again soon.

Each night of the festival has ended up as a big old metal disco, with Orange Goblin as the DJs, lots of rockers and famous faces on the dance floor getting loose and free to some classic rock tunes. It's been a right old knees up!

Ok so it's 4:15 am right now... report over!

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