Saturday, 29 March 2008

Black Cobra / Saviours / The Sword

Another week, another gig for you all to share in with us.
Last night Thee Claw travelled across to Manchester to check out a triple bill of Black Cobra, Saviours, and The Sword, at the Manchester Academy.

Opening the show last night were Black Cobra, a two-piece group from LA, playing sludge type metal with doomy overtones, sort of like a two-piece High on Fire. Actually that was a shit comparison but it's the best one I can come with right now being as lazy as I am.
For a two piece they sounded immense, huge riffs and thundering drums.
They were great though, just guitar, drums and vocals, sounding as beefy as most four piece bands out there. Check out their Feather and Stone EP.

Next up were Saviours, from Oakland, California, a four-piece band, with a twin guitar attack that, for some reason, had Thee Claw thinking of Thin Lizzy, which is never a bad thing.
Catchy riffs and doomy vocals, and as I say the whole Thin Lizzy/biker vibe going on.

Really good stuff from these guys, they have a good few LPs available, well worth checking out.

Headlining were The Sword, whose LP "Age of Winters" has been getting a lot of play at Claw Towers.

They drew quite a few songs off this and their upcoming LP "Gods of the Earth" (which some naughty internet pirates have been listening to since January, or so I am told), the crowd were well into them but for me, Saviours were the band of the night.
The Sword finished off with a great one-two of Faith No More's "Surprise! You're Dead!" and their own "Freya", which everyone was very happy with.

Their new LP is out this months I believe, well worth getting hold of, and I'll be looking out for them touring with that one.

We had a great night out afterwards too, in Jilly's Rockworld listening to classic rock.
Hocus Pocus by Focus anyone?

Black Cobra (Myspace)
Saviours (Myspace)
The Sword (Myspace)

As a side note, this is Thee Claw's 16th show this year; it was the 23rd of June last year before we reached that particular milestone. It's shaping up to be a great year.

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