Tuesday, 22 April 2008

King Diamond Joins Down!

Photo by the oh-so-awesome Kelly Lee:

Their version of The Family Ghost is a thing to behold!

The setlist that Down have been playing during their 2008 European tour is something along the lines of:

01 Underneath Everything
02 The Path
03 Lysergik Funeral Procession
04 Pillars Of Eternity
05 Three Suns And One Star
06 Lifer (complete with a dedication to Dimebag Darrell)
07 Swan Song
08 Mourn
09 Ghost Along The Mississippi
10 Learn From This Mistake
11 N.O.D.
12 Beneath The Tides
13 On March The Saints
14 Losing All
15 Eyes Of The South

16 Doob Interlude
17 New Orleans Is A Dying Whore
18 Stone The Crow
19 Jail
20 Bury Me In Smoke

At the end of Bury Me In Smoke other people (support bands, drum techs, roadies, etc) take to the stage and play the end of the song while the members of DOWN walk about thanking the crowd and waving their goodbyes. After the stage has cleared ANSELMO returns to the stage and sings the last lines of "Nothing in Return (Walk Away)" with the crowd joining in, signifying the end of the show.

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