Thursday, 14 December 2006

Melvins @ Manchester Academy, 13th December 2006

I am a bit delicate right now, so this will be a short post today. Melvins last night was great stuff, me and Patchie got absolutely hammered on Guinness and we managed to get right to the front at the gig and leaned on the stage with slack jaws watching 2 drummers keeping it together and performing some excellent tunes. King Buzzo kicked me at one point for grabbing at his feet like a drunken fool.

They had been playing with 3 other bands on the night - PORN (The Men Of), Flipper and Big Business. I remember seeing a bit of the Flipper set (we showed up to the venue really late, blind drunk) to see Krist Novoselic (ex-Nirvana) jumping up and down on stage with people from the audience up there on stage surrounding him.

Earlier on in the evening we sat listening to Darkthrone in the Grand Central pub in Manchester. They have got the country's best pub jukebox. Oh and we borrowed a bike and I got a mogger down Oxford Road. Scousers on tour.

God my head is sore today, and I can't hear either. I think that I dropped my phone in the back of the car on the ride home. I hope I did anyway otherwise its gone forever.

Melvins setlist for this gig:

1. The Talking Horse
2. The Bloated Pope
3. Civilised Worm
4. Oven
5. Set Me Straight
6. D.C.H.
7. Sky Pup
8. Blood Witch
9. Let It All Be
10. A History Of Drunks
11. Rat Faced Granny
12. The Hawk
13. You've Never Been Right
14. A History Of Bad Men
15. Revolve
16. Hooch
17. The Bit
18. Lovely Butterfly