Thursday, 26 June 2008

Morbid Angel @ Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton, 25th June 2008

We went to Wolverhampton last night to see Morbid Angel play a gig. It was heavy and loud, just the way we like it. When we got there I snagged myself a photographer's pass so we got a ton of pics for you to see but, as a result, I ain't got a huge review for you. Basically I'll leave the words to the other guys. It was a good gig though.

Monday, 23 June 2008

We Will Remember Them

1986 - 2008
"We've spent the last year trying to write songs for a new album, planning to go into the studio this summer, unfortunately, after a lot of thought, we have had to make the difficult decision to postpone the recording indefinitely.
We know everybody says that their new album is better than their last, but with us we really believed that.
From day one we made it clear that we'd stop recording when we felt we'd written the ultimate Bolt Thrower album, we just never knew when that would be, we kind of took for granted that each release would get better and better.
But we have realised now that our last release, "Those Once Loyal" turned out to be that album, and basically the new stuff we have written just doesn't match up to it. We have a lot of pride in our back catalogue, and we refuse to turn into one of the many bands (like the ones we grew up listening to) who end up releasing crap, and we're also not prepared to compromise by instead releasing an album of cover versions or a 'best of' album.
Sorry to disappoint those of you looking forward to hearing new BT songs, but we always said that we would never release anything we weren't happy with or that, in our view, didn't at least match up to our previous work.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Thee Claw Shakes Its Collective Head In Disbelief (Yet Again)


The European leg of the mighty "Unholy Alliance Tour, Chapter III" has been
confirmed to kick off in Manchester, England on October 27 and will play
nearly two dozen shows over a four-week period.

This third installment of what has been hailed as "the heaviest, darkest
tour of the year," the "Unholy Alliance Tour, Chapter III" will feature
Slayer, the undisputed kings of extreme speed/thrash metal, and two true
princes of the genre, Trivium and Mastodon. An opening act will be
announced shortly. While Slayer will close all of the shows, they will be
co-billed with Trivium on the UK dates.

What the flying fuck's going on in the world? I am very happy to see Slayer are making their way across the pond to do some shows (note that they're starting their tour in Manchester... especially for Thee Claw) but why oh why oh WHY do all of the bands who I idolized as a child insist on touring with Trivium? To get the nu-metal armies to bring their parents money to the merch stall?

This is the 3rd time that I will have seen "Enemies Of Thee Claw" Tr*vium now. (Oh wait, I mean the 3rd time that I have been at the bar while Tr*vium have played... yes, that's what I meant.) They played a few years ago with IRON MAIDEN, then last year ANNIHILATOR played the support slot for them along with the French band GOJIRA. That was sacrilege enough, surely? And now I read that Slayer will be "co-billed" with Tr*vium on this tour. What is co-billed, anyways? Is that just tour talk for "Make the emos feel better" or something like that? If that's what they mean then why not just fucking say so. God damn.

This is yet another hard rock travesty that we are going to have to endure - it's only 2 weeks now until we see MAIDEN play at Twickenham (a huge stadium in London), they're being supported by a bunch of nu metal favourites whose names I have forgotten. Someone needs to remind Maiden's manager (Mr Rod Smallwood) that April 1st is the traditional date for practical jokes, not July 5th.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. Mastodon are playing too, blah blah blah. Whatever.

SLAYER Euro 2008 tour dates:

27 Manchester Arena, Manchester, England
28 NEC, Birmingham, England
30 Hammersmith Apollo, London, England
31 Hammersmith Apollo, London, England

2 CIA 7000, Cardiff, Wales
3 SECC Hall 3, Glasgow, Scotland
5 Stadthalle, Offenbach, Germany
6 Palladium, Cologne, Germany
9 Schleyerhalle, Stuttgart, Germany
10 Eishallel Deutweg, Winterthur, Switzerland
11 Zenith, Paris, France
16 Gasometer, Vienna, Austria
18 Zenith, Munich, Germany
19 Columbia Hale, Berlin, Germany


Wednesday, 18 June 2008


I bet you thought this post was going to be about the San Jose goregrind band didn't you? No, I mean Exhumed in the sense that this is an old release that I've kinda dug back up and been listening to loads, kicked off by listening to Warning's Watching From A Distance; the guitars on "Faces" in particular remind me of those on this demo's version of "Crestfallen", which later resurfaced on the band's first release for Peaceville Records, The Crestfallen EP (complete with piano intro and cleaner vocals in the back of the mix, but the less said about that the better).
During 1991, this demo was very rarely out of the tape deck in my bedroom, or on my Walkman. I still have my (signed) copy of the demo tape hidden away in my parent's somewhere, as well as a second hand (from 1991, not bought off eBay) "Falling Deeper...Into Fear" shirt.

Before this tape came out, Anathema had released one demo, An Iliad of Woes (which contained the track "Momento Mori", later re-recorded on the Pentecost III EP) and had spent a few years under the name Pagan Angel. On this tape , we were presented with four tracks, starting with an odd intro leading into the slow, mournful "Crestfallen", this being my favourite recording of the song. Track two, "At One With The Earth" starts off with a fast riff, and is the only "fast" song on the demo. The fact that this is the only track that the band never re-recorded in some form later on speaks volumes, although it's not a bad track by any means.
Kicking off side 2 is the title track, a crawling, funereal song with properly tortured vocals, the whole band speeding up towards the end of the track. The tape finishes with what was once a live favourite, "They Die", which resurfaced on the debut LP Serenades as "They (Will Always) Die" with a lush keyboard outro, but this version is raw and grim as fuck.
It always went down a treat in the Royal Court Basement or in Planet X.
Before this, they were laughed at and called "Pagan Afro" by local metal jokers.
After this, they recorded a few 7"s (track them down on eBay!) and did a few EPs and one album that were passable to these ears, but then they got obsessed with Roy Harper and drifted out of the range of Thee Claw...
...if you can get your sweaty hands on a copy of this demo you'll probably be pleasantly surprised, especially if you only know Anathema through their current prog-rock noodlings.

On a related note, I used to be mates with lads who were in a band that rehearsed in MA Studios in Liverpool where this demo was recorded, and we once copied a load of cassettes that were lying around in the control room, with early mixes of this demo, and a load of other stuff that Anathema never released.
That would have fetched a fortune on eBay, but I probably taped over that with a fucking Morgoth album or something.

Looking for a patch manufacturer.... good would that be?

On Seemingly Eternal Rotation....

...the latest Grand Magus album, Iron Will.

It's not as doomy as their previous release, 2005's Wolf's Return, this is a more epic style full on album of...well, metal.
Opening with "Like The Oar Strikes The Water", this album's nine tracks remind me in places of a more modern version of classic metal like Dio.
JB's clean vocal style adds to the overall classic sound of the album, in some places it even reminds me of Judas Priest, the music that is, not JB's vocals!
The title track is a proper headbanging, fists in the air tune, with mid-paced riffing.
In all, this has to be one of my favourite albums out this year, and one of the better records from Rise Above thus far. Seek it out and find yourself headbanging and raising claws to "The Shadow Knows" with a bottle of beer in your hand!

also trying to get some airtime at Claw Towers:
Warning - "Watching From A Distance" (Awesome doom metal, like the second Anathema demo version of Crestfallen with clean, mournful vocals)
Pagan Altar - "Mythical and Magical" (The "Die Hard" edition's extra track Narcissus being a particular favourite)
Motörhead - "Another Perfect Day" (there's nothing wrong with this album at all! Go Ead Robbo!)
Satyricon - "Dark Medieval Times" (total pencil sketch front cover! Aaaarg flutes!!!)

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Just As I Predicted...

Judas Priest, Nostradamus, Double CD...

Released monday june 16th, so only naturally I had to leg it into town to get it on the release day, I only ever do that with 2 other bands, Maiden and Motorhead.
"Nostradamus" for me is Priests best album since Defenders Of The Faith, the songs don't all sound the same, there's shit loads of variety, there's all sorts of Priest in there, what I mean by that is when you hear each song there are things that remind you of past eras of Priest, I can hear the 70's, Defenders and Ram It Down/Painkiller but most of all they have also carved a new sound with the new material thanks to Glenn Tipton and KK Downings production which is miles more better than Roy Z's production of their half arsed 2004 reunion cheese fest "Angel Of Retribution", thank fuck Priest have finally got their shit together.
Here's the deal, 13 tracks on CD1 and 10 more on CD2 but 9 of them 23 tracks are actually short intro's which are still still need listening to because they set the moods perfectly for the full songs that follow.
I know, not much of a review, I can't even pick a stand out tune because most of the songs can be classed as a stand out tune, so I'll just leave with this, most of the songs are mid paced but I think priest's best songs are the mid-slow paced ones, I'll pick a slow track called "Death" because the guitar sound reminded me of the Ram It Down album.
I don't know how I'm gonna handle it when they play the entire album on tour next year, I've got a feeling there will be a good few costume changes and some extra actors or something to keep the crowd interested. We'll have to wait and see.


The one and only Alan Burridge has his own blog right here!
Motörhead fans will know Alan as the man who started his own Motörhead fanzine in 1980 and after a few years the band asked him to take charge of the official Motörheadbangers Fan Club.
His service to the Motörhead cause still continues to this day!!!
Thee Claw salutes you, Alan!!!

Monday, 16 June 2008

Even More Donington Videos

Here's a short video of JUDAS PRIEST's set at Donington last Friday (13th June 2008). I chose this particular clip for you to see for yourself just how many people were crowded behind us while Priest were up there on the main stage. (ANSWER: Lots!)

I've got a few vids during MOTÖRHEAD's set, but it's gonna be pointless putting them online because they're a blur. I couldn't keep the camera still because the huge crowd all around me was going fucking mental apeshit to Killed By Death and Ace Of Spades.

Oh okay then... here's an interesting clip from during a break in The Head's set:

COMPETITION: I'm handing out 100 Claw bonus points to the 1st person who is metal enough to name both songs being played in these 2 video clips!

June 15th = Saint Vitus Day

Saint Vitus: His emblem is a cock or a dog. So now you know.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Thee Claw @ Donington Park

Yesterday, SJW and I made the trip across England to Donington Park to see the first day of this year's festival. There's a lot of umm-ing and aah-ing about the fact that the festival isn't what it was in the 80s and early 90's, but we won't go into that now. Suffice to say that the reasons we were going were Motorhead, Judas Priest and headliners Kiss.
We set off from Liverpool early, about half eight in the morning, by 8.45 we were on the motorway listening to Manowar and the first lager of the day had been cracked open.
We got to the venue pretty easily, they had changed the layout this year because there is a motorcycle race meeting coming up, so the main "arena" had been moved from it's usual home by the hill and plonked into a different field, and we had to come into the site the back way. Which was probably for the best, last year when we drove down we ended up at the back of the park anyway and had to drive right around the place to get in, and it's huge!
So, we parked up and joined the pretty fast moving queues and we were in in time for the first band, one of those interchangeable american nu-metal type bands that kids in big pants with undercut hair from Ashby-de-la-Zouch love so much. They covered Prowler by Iron Maiden which raised the first thumbs-down of the day from me. Really, there were no bands that we were interested in seeing until Motorhead were due on stage around 5pm.

So we spent this time wandering about, eating vegan food and marvelling at how shit the entire thing was, then we bumped into some people from back home and sat down on the grass to drink a few beers (£3.50 a pint? That's $7ish, currency fans) and there was an announcement made that Kid Rock wouldn't be playing (cheers from us) and that Priest would be playing a longer set (more cheers). Disturbed would also be playing a longer set, but fuck them, after they finished it was time to get down the front for Motorhead.For those of you who didn't know, they covered "Rosalie" by Thin Lizzy, and Würzel came out onstage to play "Ace of Spades" with them. This was my first time seeing Motorhead (I know, how strange is that) and they were great, setlist was boss, but I'm looking forward more to seeing them in a smaller venue later this year.
(if you want to see the setlist, highlight the space between the two stars)
*Dr Rock/Stay Clean/Be My Baby/Killers/Metropolis/Over The Top/One Night Stand/In The Name Of Tragedy/Just Cos You’ve Got The Power/Killed By Death/Ace Of Spades/Overkill*
Watching Judas Priest for the first time was like a religious experience. The setlist was a proper surprise, the stageshow was totally overblown (Rob Halford rising up through the stage in a silver hooded cloak, coming through the doors in the centre of the stage on a throne with a cane in his hand, or riding onstage on a Harley Davidson for Hell Bent For Leather), it was a full on metal experience.
Rob even came out during a break in the proceedings and had the crowd singing to him like Freddie Mercury, with a union jack around his shoulders. Watching Glenn Tipton, Ian Hill and KK Downing (my new hero) headbanging in unison to "Metal Gods" might sound like the cheesiest metal cliche ever, but I loved every minute of it.
They finished the set with "You've Got Another Thing Coming" and it was time for more beer, more vegan burgers and falafel, and then getting down near the front for Kiss.
Our cameras had both died by now, so there's no photos coming up for Kiss, but I'm sure you can imagine it.
I'd never seen Kiss before, and to tell you the truth i wasn't really that bothered. Until, that is, the announcer said "Donington! You wanted the best, you got the best! The hottest band in the world - KISS!" and the curtain over the stage fell down, and they came onstage playing Deuce. Sorry, did I just say came onstage? I meant Paul, Gene and Tommy came down from the ceiling on a huge platform suspended on wires. No, really.
They went straight from Deuce into Strutter, Tommy did a guitar solo and fired rockets from the end of his guitar, Gene breathed fire, they played a one-two of Parasite and I say, I'm not a Kiss fan and I wasn't really bothered about them, but once they started playing I was well into it! They held my attention and that of every single person in the crowd.
We got off just before they played Rock And Roll All Nite, but apparently Paul Stanley said "I wouldn't mind coming out there to see you" before flying across the crowd on a zip wire, and landing on a mini stage in the middle of the crowd and playing Love Gun.

I slept all the way home.
That Kiss Setlist in full:
*Deuce/Strutter/Got To Choose/Hotter Than Hell/Firehouse/Nothing To Lose/C'Mon And Love Me/Parasite/She/Watchin' You/Rock Bottom/100,000 years/Cold Gin/Let Me Go Rock N Roll/Black Diamond/Rock N Roll All Nite/Shout It Out Loud/Lick It Up/I Love It Loud/I Was Made For Loving You/Love Gun/Detroit Rock City*

PS, the PA at this festival was truly, truly awful.
It sounded great down at the front, but halfway up the hill it was quieter than the ringtone on my telephone.

Wheels of Steel

A very small video off my mobile phone just before it died, of Judas Priest performing Painkiller at Donington. 'Nuff said!!

Judas Priest @ Donington

Here is a short video of Priest on stage at this year's Donington festival. They were so good. They played a slightly longer setlist than was intended because Kid Rock didn't play a set. An announcer's voice came over the P.A. when Kid Rock was due on stage and said "Some bad news: Kid Rock has been taken to hospital so he won't be playing. Good news: Disturbed & Judas Priest will be playing longer sets as a result". The crowd cheered, mainly for Disturbed. But fuck Disturbed, I cheered for Priest!

This video looks shakey but that's because I was at the front of a crowd of 15,000 people while holding a camera up above my head to catch a quick clip of Halford and the boys in action.

I've written out the Judas Priest setlist from the 2008 Donington, it is in the comments for this post. So don't look if you don't want to know what they played!

Donington this year wasn't up to much (in my opinion). The only bands that were worth checking out on the main stage were Motorhead, Judas Priest and KISS... and all 3 of those bands were excellent stuff. I'm not a fan of nu-metal posing and that's what the rest of the main bill comprised of. Fuck that shit.

Rock & Roll All Nite:

Here's a photo of us with John Merrick. It was taken by a 10-foot-tall transvestite on stilts. I don't know who the guy is in the background but his snide kite expression perfectly sums up our day of watching nu-metal no-marks trying to rock stars in a big field somewhere in middle England.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

I still refuse to call it D*wnload....

Tomorrow - Motorhead, Judas Priest, and Kiss...(and a load of posers in "crackerjack clothes" as Manowar would say!) at the Home of Metal.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Gravetemple Tour 08

GRAVETEMPLE are doing a short 5 day tour of Europe early next month (July 2008), hopefully we're going to catch their set at the Supersonic Festival.

From Stephen O'Malley's page:

Gravetemple "Ambient/Ruin 2008"
(Attila Csihar, Oren Ambarchi, Stephen O'Malley, Matt "Skitz" Sanders)

7th July Rotterdam/WORM (w/ASVA)
8th July Köln/Kulturbunker
9th July Paris/Point Ephemere
10th July London/ULU (w/ASVA)
13th July Birmingham/Supersonic Festival (w/Julian Cope on Bass)

Friday, 6 June 2008

Memory Lane

It's been a slow week at Claw Towers; I've shaved my head and we've received records and shirts in the mail, listened to some music and that's about it.
So I've decided to dig up some old reviews/tales from the vaults (i.e. other, less cool sites that I used to post on before the birth of this page), Pagan Altar and The Lamp of Thoth in Leeds last year, and our Brutal Truth mini-tour in Dublin and Manchester on two consecutive nights (which increased our carbon footprint tenfold).

Brutal Truth, Manchester Feb 2007

So there's another little adventure over.
On Monday Morning we flew out to Dublin and after a bit of wandering around we spent the afternoon in Eamon Doran's listening to Satyricon and Megadeth before we went across the Liffy for Total Fucking Destruction, Narcosis and Brutal Truth.

Total Fucking Desctruction were awesome, the highlight this first night was "Let the Children Name Themselves", Narcosis I had never seen before and I was blown away.
Totally OTT and sick as fuck, searing vocals and very talented musicians.
One to watch.
Brutal Truth were fucking great, they seemed to be having a great time up there and it was great to have a little windmill to the likes of "Walking Corpse".
Windmill?!? I've never fucking windmilled in my life before that, and hopefully never will again!

After the show it was hang around for a bit and then we went off to a dance club to rave all night, but that's another story for another time.

We flew back home on Tuesday and drove up to Manchester for the next date of the tour, arriving too late to see the extra group(s?) that were on before TFD.
TFD weren't as good as the night before for me, although the cover of The Exploited's "Sid Vicious Was Innocent" was an absolute belter!!
Narcosis were all over the fucking place (that's in a good way) again, and I'm amazed at how they can play and sing like that two nights in a row, never mind for a full tour!
Brutal Truth were, for my money, even better here tonight than in Dublin.
I dunno whether it was because they were able to smoke on stage here but they were intense and it was the most amazing pit I've seen at a show, ever, full stop.
Constant, all the way through.
I really wish I could have been to more shows on this tour but I could only give myself two days off that week.
Oh well, here's to Bergen Domkirke and Sunn O)))!!!

Brutal Truth, Dublin 2007

Currently, I'm sat at a terminal next to SJW in the departures lounge of Dublin Airport, having last night been to The Voodoo Lounge to see Narcosis, Total Fucking Destruction and Brutal Truth.
It was absolutely awesome.

TFD were great, Rich Hoak is now my hero.
He just pulls the best faces ever.
Halfway through they broke a string and Rich got up and read some poetry.
When he's playing the drums he looks like he's trying to wrap up a parcel of cooked spaghetti on a disintegrating motorbike on the motorway on drugs.

Leeds' Narcosis were awesome.
They have the most animated singer in the world; if he was in a band with Rich Hoak, the world would end.
Quite a lot of the set's vocals were delivered from all over the stage, in the pit, up by the bar, everywere!
Awesome modern grind.

Brutal truth are Brutal Truth, the were no real surprises in the setlist except a cover of Sister Fucker by EyeHateGod which was well sick.

Afterwards we ended up in some grotty pub, raving to some snide euromixes!
So now, we fly back to England, get something to eat, and then we are off to Manchester tonight to see them all again.

Brutal Truth could play any permutation of the set list Rich gave me, so I won't bother running through it.
They play Walking Corpse, don't worry!
Some sick merchandise as well.
You should try to get yourselves along to any remaining dates on this tour, if I could have got a week off, I'd go to all of them!

Pagan Altar, The Lamp of Thoth

Fri 5 October 2007 – Pagan Altar, The Lamp Of Thoth

On Friday night, Ste, Liam and I travelled off across to Yorkshire to see Doom Metal legends of yore, Pagan Altar play one of their two shows this year (The other being down in London).

Arriving at the Fenton quite early, we sunk a few pints of their (rather excellent) Guinness in the beer garden listening to Pagan Altar's soundcheck, before making our way back upstairs to watch the support band, The Lamp of Thoth.

This was the first time I'd heard Lamp of Thoth, although I'd been hearing good things about them for a while, especially from Liam in the car on the way down; he was telling me the whole story about where the name "The Lamp of Thoth" comes from, and I was more than impressed.

Proper old style, rocky doom, with eccentric evil vocals from vocalist The Overtly Melancholic Lord Strange and awesome leads from guitarist Randy Reaper.

NWOBHM-styled stuff, with an overall doomy feel. An awesome cover of Cirith Ungol's Frost and Fire to close the set as well; I picked up a copy of their Cauldron of Withcery 10 inch EP as well.
This is a band who I'm going to keep an eye out to go and see them again, they were fucking awesome.

If what I had been told, this was Pagan Altar's first gig for twenty five years or something, and we were lucky enough to be amongst the 25 people who paid to see it (like I say, I only counted 18. Trve Kvlt).
I can honestly say I wasn't too sure what to expect of the most cultishly followed of all doom bands after such a lengthy lay off; but any fears were alleviated when we were sat in the beer garden listening to them soundcheck The Wake of Amadeus.

The lineup includes original members Terry and Alan Jones on vocals and guitars respectively and have been helped out on this tour by Rich "Militia" Walker on guitars.
Terry's nasal vocals were on top form (even if he did miss his cue to come in on one track, but for god's sake it's been 25 years) and it was amazing.

A big, shit-eating grin isn't something that's often associated with Doom Metal, but I had one on my face for the entire set. "Black Mass", "Sentinels of Hate", "Black Mass", "Pagan Altar" no "Time Lord" but they did play for over 100 minutes.

A Mythical and Magical night indeed, true thanks go to the Miskatonic Foundation.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Soon to be hanging on a wall near me...

A flyer (sadly only a printout from my PC) from the first underground gig I ever went to, back in the days before Pitch Shifter discovered drum n bass, and in the days before Anathema decided they were the new Pink Floyd.

Ah, those days of four of us putting all our money together to get two bottles of cider, and hiding in the toilets every time someone who looked like they were going to throw us out for only being 12 walked past.
This is where it all started for me really, I don't really want to discuss any of the concerts I'd been to before this!

I can still remember it clear as day; getting the 78 bus into Liverpool with Johno, and walking down Hanover Street and seeing Graham Christ and some idiot from the village we lived in, Graham had bought a silver inverted cross on a chain earlier that day from the now-long-gone Rockstock in Quiggins.

(from the Planet X 25th Anniversary Myspace)

Scream for me youtube...

dhmaiden's youtube maiden page with 688 Quality Live Videos!!!
There are some excellent videos there from most eras to the current tour and a collection of awesome vids from the Porto Allegre show in Brazil this year! I'm loving the collection from 1992, the Dickinson string vest and leather jacket period!!!

Here's an example of some of the quality on there, click right here but don't click it if you don't want a bit of a set spoiler if you're going to see them, but I think it's a pretty obvious choice of tune for them to play and you should expect it!!!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll

Sometimes I feel a little down, then I take a look at this picture and suddenly everything seems great again.

Next week: Donington

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Roadburn 2008 on Demand

For those who didn't get to take part in the Roadburn festivals, and for those who did, but want to relive it -we have put up the VPRO 3voor12 on-demand audio webcasts for your listening pleasure! More webcasts to follow...

Roadburn Pre Heat - Thursday, April 17th

Green Room:

Bat Cave:

13th Roadburn Festival - Friday, April 18th:

Blood of the Sun

Green Room:
Baby Woodrose
Black Shape of Nexus
Tony McPhee's Groundhogs
Scott Kelly
Mos Generator

Bat Cave:
Church of Misery

13th Roadburn Festival - Saturday, April 19th

Long Distance Calling
Cephalic Carnage

Green Room:
Electric Orange
The Heads
Wolves in the Throneroom
Tia Carrera
Dixie Witch

Bat Cave:

David Tibet's Roadburn Festival - Sunday, April 20th:
Current 93

Roadburn Festival Afterburner - Sunday, April 20th:
The Glasspack
Orange Sunshine"

Keep checking in for more updates about the live recordings, and also for news about the 2009 Roadburn Festival, set to be held April 23 to April 26 at the 013 in Tilburg, Holland.


Monday, 2 June 2008

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Charlie Don't Cheat...

ANTHRAX have been playing gigs in america with their new vocalist Dan Nelson.
Their headline show in chicago on the 29th may setlist was...

Fight'em Til You Can't,
Random Acts Of Senseless Violence,
Got The Time,
Caught In A Mosh,
Revolution Screams,
Room For One More,
Safe Home,
What Doesn't Die,
Inside Out,
I am the Law

and their setlist from the 30th from Irvine(as support to Iron Maiden)
Got The Time,
Caught In A Mosh,
Room For One More,
Safe Home,
I Am The Law

I haven't found any videos of any of the gigs so I can't say what the vocals are like but I will be honest, I don't care what the new singer is like, look at that first setlist, they're playing songs off Sound Of White Noise, Stomp 442 and Vol 8, some of their finest material is on those albums.
One more thing to say apart from good luck to them...