Friday, 8 February 2008

Brutal Truth, Sheffield

We travelled over to Sheffield to see grindcore legends Brutal Truth play a show at the Corporation club last night; Support came from local bands The Afternoon Gentlemen and Reth; both competent Yorkshire (correct me if I'm wrong) grinders; I don't mean this in any way a slight on either band, but it seems to me since the rather untimely demise of UK grinders Narcosis, every young British grindcore band I go and see sound like a pale Narcosis clone. Most enjoyable though.

Brutal truth are writing new stuff, some of which got an airing here, but it was the old stuff that everyone loves that went down best. Rich Hoak is an absolutely legendary drummer, it's worth going to see BT just to see the faces that the mild-mannered Total Fucking Destruction drummer/vocalist pulls whilst he is playing.
Walking Corpse, Displacement, Choice of a New Generation; all get the crowd going for a second or two until some knobhead at the front gets in a bad mood because people are bumping into him.
Dude, you're at the front of a gig by Brutal Truth, deal with it!

The band seem to be having a great time, Kev Sharp bounding all over the stage, barefoot as ever, belting out grind classic after grind classic.
They tagged Collateral Damage onto the end of Walking Corpse, but that didn't stop all kinds of idiots shouting for it after they finished every song. I assume these are the same people who go to see Napalm Death and shout for You Suffer all the way through.

Speaking of Narcosis, Brutal Truth finished with I Killed My Family, inviting Chris from said dead grinders up on stage to do voacals with them.
We stayed afterwards and went into the club bit that the venue was joined to; fucking hell so much Emo, so little petrol. Nice globes though. Rich Hoak came over for a bit in the club afterwards, stinking of green with a big shit eating grin on his face.
We got back home at 5am, all smiley and totally grinded out.

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