Monday, 14 January 2008

Orange Goblin, Liverpool, 12 Jan 08

Saturday saw the first gig of the year for us, Orange Goblin at the Barfly in Liverpool.
I'd just like to say that this is the first well atteneded gig I've been to in my hometown for a long while, and I can't believe how many people were wearing Down t-shirts there. Is that was passes for our scene here? If you went to Manchester or Birmingham it would be all High on Fire/Trouble shirts, none of this singing "Revolution is my Name" at the bar.

I was working until 930, so by the time Ste and I got to the gig we had missed the first two support bands, The Bendal Interlude (who I haven't seen for over a year, since they supported Church of Misery and insisted on playing a set that lasted for about 24 hours) and Bow and Arrow, who I was gutted to miss because I really like them. SSS were on when we arrived, not really too fussed on them to be honest.
Orange Goblin are feelgood stoner-type doom n' roll (i think I just invented that) and they got the crowd going really well. Making the cardinal mistake when you play in Liverpool of mentioning football and therefore dividing the crowd, they still managed to leave everyone feeling sweaty and grinning at the end of the set, judging by the look of everyone coming out.
A cover of Motörhead's "No Class" went down well at the end, even if only about 5% of people there recognised it.
All in all, a good start to this year's tour, I just hope they have more staff on the bar next time we're in the Barfly!

Video here.

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