Saturday, 14 June 2008

Judas Priest @ Donington

Here is a short video of Priest on stage at this year's Donington festival. They were so good. They played a slightly longer setlist than was intended because Kid Rock didn't play a set. An announcer's voice came over the P.A. when Kid Rock was due on stage and said "Some bad news: Kid Rock has been taken to hospital so he won't be playing. Good news: Disturbed & Judas Priest will be playing longer sets as a result". The crowd cheered, mainly for Disturbed. But fuck Disturbed, I cheered for Priest!

This video looks shakey but that's because I was at the front of a crowd of 15,000 people while holding a camera up above my head to catch a quick clip of Halford and the boys in action.

I've written out the Judas Priest setlist from the 2008 Donington, it is in the comments for this post. So don't look if you don't want to know what they played!

Donington this year wasn't up to much (in my opinion). The only bands that were worth checking out on the main stage were Motorhead, Judas Priest and KISS... and all 3 of those bands were excellent stuff. I'm not a fan of nu-metal posing and that's what the rest of the main bill comprised of. Fuck that shit.

Rock & Roll All Nite:

Here's a photo of us with John Merrick. It was taken by a 10-foot-tall transvestite on stilts. I don't know who the guy is in the background but his snide kite expression perfectly sums up our day of watching nu-metal no-marks trying to rock stars in a big field somewhere in middle England.


SJW said...

1) Prophecy
2) Metal Gods
3) Eat Me Alive
4) Between The Hammer The Anvil
5) Devil's Child
6) Breaking The Law
7) Hell Patrol
8) Death
9) Dissident Aggressor
10) Angel
11) Electric Eye
12) Rock Hard, Ride Free
13) Sinner
14) Painkiller
15) Hell Bent For Leather
16) You've Got Another Thing Comin'

The SKUM said...

Get In!!! SINNER!!!
The usual donington posers will only know breaking the law and painkiller, the rest is a "dream" setlist, to me anyway! I gotta wait another 2 weeks for this shit!!!