Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Doom Metal Inquisition 2008 (Patchie)

I love the 1 in 12 in Bradford, it's one of my favourite venues.

I think I've said that before like, but there you go.

Decent beer (if you don't buy the Polish lager), a good PA in a decent sized room, and a vegan cafe at the top of the building.

Anyway, we headed off there on Saturday for the Doom Metal inquisition, a yearly gathering run by the druids of The Miskatonic Foundation to bring the best doom to the people who deserve it.

Thee Claw clambered into Thee Clawmobile early on, picking up Paul (of They Are Cowards fame) on the way, and arrived just in time to miss most of the first band.

Grimpen Mire opened up, good solid doom here, natch, with some Frost, but I missed most of their set by bringing too much beer to the venue and having to try and drink it outside whilst saying hello to everyone.

Misericorde next (have a word with the soundman, get them vocals higher in the mix), then Witchsorrow who played a cracking doomed up (or doomed down) version of Mayhem's Freezing Moon. As I was on my way out to the supermarket to buy cheap booze, sorry.

Next up were Yorkshire's Lamp of Thoth, who were one of the main reasons that I wanted to go to thee Inquisition, and they didn't dissapoint.

New track Hand of Glory is fucking killer; I think SJW got a video of it but it's gonna be about ten minutes long.  Definitely one to watch, they could be the new Cirith Ungol. Fact.

Randy Reaper (Lead Guitar) was telling me afterwards that he'd sustained some form of comedy, Carry-On style injury the night before, but you'd have never known it.

The crowd response was fantastic as well, loads of headbanging, fists in the air and flagons of ale being waved about (pint pots at least!)

Next up were Centurion's Ghost, who I have forgiven for soaking me with dirty filthy puddle water when their van drove over a cigarette lighter causing it to explode earlier in the day.

Good solid set of tunes from this mob, great stage presence, Mark - you're terrifying.

And Fed - sorry for getting you mixed up with someone else, I knew you weren't rude to me in Holland because I remember sitting outside Clancy's with you on the Sunday! (they are on tour in the UK with Converge now, so get along, and leave before the star-tattoo-on-the-side-of-your-neck-fest starts)

Warning were next; plagued by technical difficulties at the start of the set (dodgy lead gets my vote, although Paul has the same guitar and says it was the pickup selector) but total melancholy goodness from Pat and the boys.

SJW was in his element, as these are one of his favourite bands, and I'm sure he'll write a great review about their set, but truth be told, I was all set for some of the vegan food that I love so much from this venue that I scarpered upstairs before they really got going, missed Forsaken and got back just in time for the cultest of the cult - Pagan Altar.

If you don't know who Pagan Altar are, you are a false.

End of.

Total underground classic NWOBHM-infused Doom Metal, I was swept along on a black wave throughout their set.  After all these years, they still leave most modern bands in the dust with their songwriting, and the ability to set a mood and get the music across live.

I know that joy isn't something one expects to come away from a doom gig feeling, but after this I did.

Utterly timeless.

The Pagan Altar set went along the lines of:

Pagan Altar / Sentinels of Hate / In The Wake of Armadeus / Judgement of the Dead / Dance of the Druids / Armageddon / The Aftermath / Lords of Hypocrisy / Black Mass / The Cry Of The Banshee / Witches Pathway

Massive hails to all the brothers and sisters from around this green and pleasant isle (and beyond!) that I had the pleasure of meeting with and drinking with.

And Dean - as soon as I find out where in Huddersfield you live, your house is getting burgled for that Upside Down Cross LP!  You lucky bugger!

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FdL84 said...

What ?? You missed Forsaken?? Shame on you. They are one of doom's finest. Anyway nice review!!