Saturday, 15 November 2008

Motörhead and Saxön 14/11/08 by H...

It's that time of the year again, the annual hike up the m62 to attend yet another Motörhead gig. (not counting the missed motörhead show last year ha!)
The UK's most consistent/reliable band treading the boards at the manchester apollo theatre for what seems like the millionth time, manchester is the closest Motörhead's gonna get to a homecoming gig for Lemmy who's originally from nearby stoke.
We missed opener Danko Jones but we weren't to bothered about him to be honest, after a quick technical difficulty on the road we hit the apollo like a ton of bricks cos Saxon were just coming on so we all legged it down as far to the front as we could and sang along to a few classics (And The Bands Played On, Heavy Metal Thunder, Never Surrender, Princess Of The Night, Denim and Leather, 747 Strangers In The Night etc...) and a more recent classics (Witchfinder General!) They also played new material from their upcoming album due out in january and announced a uk tour in april and promised a date in manchester. Saxon sounded great, a little low on volume but still rocking!!! Guitarist Paul Quinn is still a big hero of mine!!!!

When you attend a Motörhead show you have to accept the fact that possibly 70 odd percent of the audience have only turned up to hear fucking Ace Of Spades and Overkill etc, and the other 30 percent are all waiting for them to play obscure songs off Another Perfect Day, Orgasmatron and Bastards!
They played a blinding set which included 2 songs from Another Perfect Day and 1 off Bastards but most people see Born To Raise Hell off the film Airheads and not the Bastards album.

We got a couple off the new album and a few off the last album which was cool because I missed the last tour and was dying to hear Kiss Of Death songs live so it was like 2 tours for the price of one ha!
Motörhead more or less play the same standard classics live every single year, year in year out every tour we get songs like Stay Clean, Metropolis, Going To Brazil and Just Cos You've Got The Power, they need to be dropped for lesser played classics like Bomber and Nothing Up My Sleeve and songs not played for centuries like I'm So Bad Baby I Don't Care, Steal Your Face and Burner (Even "Claw" from orgasmatron would be nice, just a thought!!!)

Same time next year then... and bring this guy with you next time....!

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