Saturday, 22 March 2008

Motörheadache @ Hotel California, Birkenhead

It's not often that I think of going to see a rock tribute act, in fact, I think tonight is the first time I ever went to see one at all. The band in question are called Motörheadache - I'm assuming that I don't need to tell you who the tribute band is based on - they're a 3-piece playing and paying tribute to Lemmy. The venue for the gig was in Birkenhead, a rock pub called the Hotel California, a very cold venue. Their set was quite long, a good 15 songs and more, and that's quite some going when you realise that they never took to the stage til gone midnight and didn't finish til 02:15!

After a short break in the middle (at about half 1 in the morning) they came back on stage and played a few more tunes, more cover versions admittedly, but not solely from Motörhead. Patchie & H got up on stage with them to sing along to "Blitzkrieg Bop", good on you lads! I would have got up there with them but, well, someone had to hold the video camera (with very poor sound quality)...

Tribute bands wouldn't normally even get a mention on this kind of blog I guess, but these guys were pretty good. Plus the lads got up on stage for a sing-along, that's good enough reason for a write-up for me!

The real Motörhead are set to play at this year's Donington festival on June 13th. Can't wait.

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