Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Gallhammer, Liverpool Barfly, 16th March 2008

On sunday night we went along to see Gallhammer and a few other bands in Liverpool.
Don't expect a track by track review here; I'd had a bad weekend (I was the victim of an armed robbery in work on Saturday night) and as such I was rather drunk before I even started on the booze we'd smuggled into the Barfly to circumvent their extortionate prices.

The Sontaran Experiment, as well as being one of my favourite Doctor Who stories, were awesome, you can read about them in SJW's post.

Apart from a few technical glitches at the start of their set, Gallhammer were awesome.
I know this band have their detractors, people who say that if they weren't three Japanese girls then nobody would be interested, but the truth is that their blend of doom/crust/black metal is pretty unique right now, and they were bang on on Sunday night.
Just what I needed after the weekend I'd had.

Next up, Weedeater and Stinking Lizaveta.

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