Friday, 25 April 2008

Suffocation @ Manchester Music Box, 24th April 2008

Last night's Suffocation gig in Manchester was total death metal heaven! What a show, well worth the trip. This was Thee Claw's 25th gig of 2008 and 9th gig in April alone.

I was most impressed by the energy of the band and the way that the crowd really got into the gig. Plenty of pits and stagediving! And I don't think I've seen such a constant crowd surge throughout a gig for a long time.

The setlist was something like:

1) Thrones Of Blood
2) Seeds Of The Suffering
3) Abomination Reborn
4) Catatonia
5) Liege Of Inveracity
6) Surgery Of Impalement
7) Bind Torture Kill
8) Infecting The Crypts
9) Brood of Hatred
10) Entrails Of You
11) Pierced From Within
12) Despise The Sun

I really should leave it to THE SKUM to give you a proper run-down of the gig since Suffocation is one of his favourite bands.

It was great being there with 4 men, 8 claws! Our old friend PETCH joined us for the gig, he is the original claw... and that man sure loves his death metal. Hail to THE PETCH!


Frank Mullen - vocals
Terrance Hobbs - guitar
Guy Marchais - guitar
Derek Boyer - bass
Mike Smith - drums

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