Wednesday, 18 October 2006


Back from Ireland now, the drone was excellent. But at present I have been awake (kind of) for about 30 hours and my body is starting to show signs of neglect. It's time to go to bed, at last. I love bed, me.

Dublin is now one of my favourite places. It has got the highest percentage of fantastic looking women for any city I have ever been in, everywhere I looked the ladies were stunners. Seriously, after a while it wasn't even funny anymore... what has Dublin done to deserve so many supermodels all in one place at one time?

The drone was *so* good. We got there early and sat off on some couches, I even got 5 minutes shut-eye before the concert started. Then we got SEATS and watched a 7-piece SunnO))) play an hour set. Whoa, it was special! It started off like their White phase (very ambient and gentle pitch bends) then the vocals started and the guitars flared up. That's when they went into a patch of sound that was more like their Black phase (roaring single guitar chords and screeching vocals from Attila Csihar). Then - about 30 minutes into the set the guitars stopped and it went into a mad "acapella" section fr about 4 minutes, with Attila doing an awesome layered vocals thing. I am sure that I even heard some drums in the about 3/4 of the way through. It was truly supreme stuff.

I can't think of anything more right now, the need for sleep is great. Check out Patchie's page, I am sure he'll have a bit to say about all this Irish fun.