Thursday, 8 May 2008

They Are Cowards, Lazarus Blackstar, Black Sun, Gloomy Sunday

Ok, so here's my little bit of what I have to say about this gig at the Star and Garter (which is now completely cemented in the number one venue position in my mind).

We flew across the short distance from Liverpool to Manchester, listening to Priest and Sabbath, and when we got there the venue was closed still, and as Ste pointed out in his post we bumped into 3/4 of Gloomy Sunday, and nipped off for a few pints with them, nice lads, they'd been sat in the park from like 9am or something.
Anyway, we got over to the venue (after I nearly had the poor lads killed a few times due to my habit of walking straight out into oncoming traffic; after all I'm too metal for crossings, and the cars drive on the other side of the road in Sweden!) and bumped into Mikhell who is the newly installed vocalist of Lazarus Blackstar, and Dennis, the last quarter of Gloomy Sunday to arrive.
The guys then started to show up in droves, Dean from Huddersfield, Caitlin and Steve from Liverpool, Doomlord and Thee Barbarian from Manchester...everyone was out, the sun was shining and there was a night of doom, sludge and general filth in the offing.

So let's go!

They Are Cowards
They Are Cowards are angry.
No, scratch that, They Are Cowards are fucking livid.
Exactly what they are so angry about is a mystery, but you can feel it seeping off the stage and into everyone watching. I'd been listening to an advance copy of their demo for a day or two before this gig, and I was really looking forward to seeing them, and if you didn't know that this was their first show together you would never have guessed. We've also got one of their riffs stuck in our heads here at Claw Towers, how mad is that.

Lazarus Blackstar
I've seen tham a few times in the past, but this was the first time I'd seen them with new vocalist Mikhell (formerly of After The Massacre), and he's given them a whole new, more menacing edge. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this band develop, because they are crushing onstage.

Black Sun.
Coming from Scotland, Black Sun are something else. They have a t-shirt that has the backprint "You Won't Like It" which just about sums them up. They are a frightning fucking maelstrom of downtuned, fast, slow, scary scary shit.
And they are fucking nutters.
As Kevin crouches forwards towards his mic spitting out the think to yourself that this is the kind of music you don't want to listen to at rush hour on the motorway!

Gloomy Sunday
As I say, I'd nearly killed them a bit earlier on in the day, but I think they had forgiven me when they came onstage. As I say, three quarters Gothenburg Doomsters, one quarter English Doom, and all quarters fucking killer. I've been listening to their "Beyond Good and Evil" for a while, and seeing them bang this stuff out live was a real treat. The only thing that was off about this was that people had started to leave before they even came on.
Well, fuck them, it's their loss, Gloomy Sunday were (are) fucking brutal.

And their "Alucarda" shirt is awesome too.

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