Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Trouble @ Leeds

Check out this video from the Trouble gig in Leeds last night.

Possibly thee gig of the year.

Trouble, Leeds Rio's - Tue 29 May

Went to see Trouble play in Leeds last night. What a show, possibly my best of 2007 so far (and that's saying something!). Loud as hell too - as I write this it's a full 24 hours later and my ears are still ringing.

The setlist included a couple of tracks of the new album, and each time they were about to play one of the new numbers Eric Wagner would stop for a second and tell the crowd "You all won't know this one yet". Sorry Eric but I kinda already have heard it... several times! And it's awesome! But don't worry though, I will be buying a copy of the CD when it finally gets released ok dude.

The setlist for the show was something like:

The Sleeper
Touch The Sky
Plastic Green Head
Pray For The Dead / Endtime
Goin' Home
End of My Daze
Memories Garden
All Is Forgiven
Revelation (Life and Death)
Psychotic Reaction

Encore #1:
Bastards Will Pay

Encore #2:

They came back on stage for the second encore and said that they don't usually do a 2nd one, this was the first second encore of the tour. I dunno what they played though haha, little help? The song of the gig though (for me at least) was Mindbender.

All through the show Eric was smoking & drinking and occasionally disappearing off stage and then reappearing after about 30 seconds. Also he kept stopping between songs to grab hold of girls in the audience. White metal you say? Sure, whatever! Whatever you want to call it though, this gig is one of the best I have ever been to.

Thursday, 24 May 2007