Monday, 17 March 2008

The Sontaran Experiment @ Liverpool Barfly, 16th March 2008

We went along to see a bit of a double-header tonight - the bill was 4 bands in total, being headed by Japanese black metallers Gallhammer.

I enjoyed the whole concert, especially a set by the second-to-last band on the bill, The Sontaran Experiment. TSE's vocalist is a guy called Paul Catten, AKA Stuntcock - he's known throughout the UK metal scene from many different groups that he has been part of in the past 10 years (bands such as Murder One, Lazarus Blackstar and Medulla Nocte). We've seen him in his Stuntcock incarnation a couple of times and it's always an eye-raiser to watch his sets. Tonight's was, in my opinion, the best so far. Their set consisted of a blurr of drums, guitars and feedback, all mixed in together with The Cat's keyboards and vocals and all fed through mixers and engineered The Cat himself. What a lot of bass!!

I'll leave it to Patchie to tell you all about Gallhammer's set. It was interesting to see them - one thing that I will tell you; I was expecting them to be wearing corpse paint for some reason!

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