Thursday, 31 January 2008

Baroness / Kylesa, Manchester Star and Garter 30/1/08

Last night we went along to see Bastard of the Skies, Kylesa and Baroness at the Star and Garter in Manchester. Amazingly, the gig totally sold out and people were being turned away outside. And there we were dragging our heels having another pint "waiting for the queue to go down a bit".
Anyway, we got in, don't worry!!

Bastard of the Skies are from Blackburn, and played some decent stuff, nice use of one guitar as a bow to play the other one at the end I thought.

Kylesa came on next, and they totally blew me away; total thundering basslines and two drummers - awesome.
They did a cover of Pink Floyd's Set the Controls for the Heart of The Sun - I always say that Pink Floyd are one of those bands that nobody should ever cover, with only Voivod ever getting away with it in the past, but this was absolutely amazing.
The entire set was full of energy, and after they'd finished my ears were ringing like mad.Baroness played a good, solid set, heavy and rolling, but for me, they just couldn't top what Kylesa had done.
I went home happy with sore ears, and slept so soundly that I jumped up this morning for work, travelled all the way into Liverpool and went to clock in, and then realised it was my day off.
Ahh, the beauty of thee claw!

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