Thursday, 24 April 2008

Church Of Misery vs Hard Gay

Here's some pics of us with Japanese rockers Church Of Misery, taken @ Roadburn last weekend (20th April 2008).

I love these photos.

For the record, Church Of Misery is:

Hideki Fukasawa - vocals & synthesizers (2004-)
Tatsu Mikami - bass (1995-)
Junji Narita - drums (2003-)
Tom Sutton - guitars (2006-)

I've got plenty of great photos taken during their set at Roadburn last weekend... I would go as far as to say they played the gig of the festival (if you were lucky enough to be able to get into the room to see them play that is!).

C.O.M. Setlist from Roadburn:

1 Killfornia
2 I, Motherfucker
3 Shotgun Boogie (New song)
4 Red Ripper Blues
5 Sick Of Living
6 Candy Man
7 El Padrino (New song)
8 War Is Our Destiny (Saint Vitus cover)
9 Hurricane (Pentagram cover)

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