Friday, 4 July 2008

Crawe / Dragged Into Sunlight / Bendal Interlude / Charger @ Korova, Liverpool

Thursday July 3rd, 2008.

Here's some words & photos from last night's gig in Liverpool city centre. This 4 band event was held at a place called Korova which is right in the centre of the city, surrounded by trendy nightclubs full of disco and pop lovers. Korova has a reputation for being expensive and "snobby" but I've been there a few times for gigs now and I love it as a venue.

It seemed like there was a good turn out for the show, but the concert space Korova is such a small area that is can't have been much more than 50 people in total. The people who did turn up seemed to have their favourite bands who they'd turned out to watch and so a lot of they decided to come and go between sets, which is a shame.

4 guys from Yorkshire who are good friends of ours. This is the 1st time that I've seen them play and they did a fine job too... very slow doom with piercing Anal Cunt style vocals. More of the same, please!

Atmospheric black metallers from Liverpool. They played in pitch darkness with lighting from candles and the occassional flash bulb from their crowd's cameras. None of the band wanted to turn and face the audience. Very grim. They were noticably louder than Crawe, but I think that was mainly because the sound engineer had put the board levels right up! I don't know if they just played one long song for their entire set, about half an hour or so of constant black metal riffing.

Another Liverpool band on tonight's bill, they had Foxy from SSS performing vocals with them. A more rock-orientated sound than the 2 bands that preceded them, B.I. had a bigger crowd and shorter songs!

Stoke's favourite Sludge band played a great set in the tiny Korova venue. The crowd pushed right up to the stage for their set so it seemed like everyone was on top of one another.
Approximate setlist: The Pride Of Essex / Shake Baby Shake / Cult Verses Cunt / Ultra Violet Flyer / The Amputee / God Made Us In The Image Of His Ass / The Bereavment Dividend

As you can probably tell I am not one for reviews! Good gig though - 9 hours later and my ears are still ringing.

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