Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Brutal Truth Photos

Feb 5th 2007 - Brutal Truth @ The Voodoo Lounge, Dublin:

That last one is of Party Patchie & everyone's favourite DJ Father Ted - who (as H pointed out) looks like Geezer Butler from Black Sabbath.
My favourite of these pics - and I may well change my mind about this soon - is the one of the awesome Rich Hoak on drums doing a cracking guern. His opening line in Manchester: "People often ask me, 'Are you *always* angry?'. And I reply 'Yes, why, aren't you?'".

Here is the top and bottom of the Dublin trip - on this day I think we were the luckiest men in Europe:

  • Spent Sunday night in a little place called Woolton village
  • Woke up 2 hours late for the airport on Monday morning
  • I woke up in Patchie's ma's bed too (I haven't got a CLUE how that happened)
  • Almost lost my passport in the airport pub after having a double vodka at 7am
  • Ate an egg & onion sandwich on arrival at Dublin International, for the novelty factor (it tasted pretty okay)
  • Got on the bevvies in Dublin at about half 11... and didn't stop drinking til 3am the next morning
  • Acted like imbeciles all day long (but never forgot our manners when it counted)
  • Got fed loads of food for free in several pubs
  • Walked about 5 miles to find the gig venue in sub zero temperatures wearing only tshirts because "we'll wear the merch, that will keep us warm"
  • Invented a band called Skowzerbyowt and told everyone about it
  • Asked a random girl in a Godflesh hoodie for a good club to go to after the gig and she asked us "Do you like slags?". HUHUH????
  • Ended up in the busiest Monday night club in Ireland until 3am drinking vodka & red bull and dropping hideous Guinness farts, clearing the dance floor several times as a result
  • Got woke up in the night by Party Patchie who was brandishing pool cues and shouting "NOZZER" at me
  • Had a goddamn ball