Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Wode - 2011 Demo

There's something happening in Manchester, something dark.
Joining the ranks of blistering Black Metal from a city that seems to be turning into England's answer to Bergen (cold, wet, dark) are a new name, WODE, who present a three track demo of grim BM.
Much like fellow citizens Pine Barrens, Wode as as far removed from the bloated pomp of late 00s theatrical black metal as is possible.
Opening track Trails of Smoke is all blastbeats and tremolo picking, bringing to mind Arckanum with an underlying veneer of urban filth.
The blistering pace continues through Earthwrath, the second track, which is, quite frankly a big, black, whirling maelstrom of a track that rattles along, Beherit-style with enough South American type recklessness that it feels it might fall apart at any time, before all coming together and shuddering to a halt just a little over three minutes later.
Final track, Last Days, starts with a doomy dreary intro before the chaos rears up again, beneath this track's frostiness you can pick up a punky feel to the riffing, not in an obvious way like Darkthrone do or Venom have done on occasion, but more in the sneery, cynical attitude you suspect is behind it.
In essence then, a fine fist in the face of all the pomposity that crept into black metal towards the end of the last decade, and along with Pine Barrens and Wynterfylleth, another powerful band coming from sprawl of Mancunia.
Ones to keep an eye out for on 2012.

The demo is available to buy/download from the band, but hurry, only 100 cassettes have been created!!
The band are at tumblr, for now here is a stream of the first track;

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Blood Cult Reborn

Long time Claw Faves Grimpen Mire have a new track available for streaming, Blood Cult Reborn.
It really is the shit.

Eyes and ears open for a new release soon!

Monday, 9 January 2012

UK People!

Thee Claw's top-tip-two thousand-twelve, Purson, are in session in BBC Radio tonight (Jan 9th)


Saturday, 7 January 2012

Cheers gang!

Still waiting to hear back from Iron Maiden!!

Monday, 2 January 2012

2011 - Patchie

There were an awful, awful lot of top releases, of which I know I have missed many, but here are a few highlights for me.

Ravens Creed - Nestless and Wild
-total thrash/death madness, true heavy metal!
Tree of Sores
-Unique future-crust, psychedelic crushing doom.
Anathema - Falling Deeper
-re imaginings of some of my favourite songs ever written, transcending genre.
Sigiriya - Return to Earth
- eclectic and unique, riding a wave of fuzz on a surfboard made of your favourite records.
Lifer - Cursing them Out
-good old 90s style head stomping metal. A breath of fresh air.
Arkham Witch - On Crom's Mountain
- British Steel. Lovecraft bangs his head and worships these riffs.
Lifelover - Sjukdom
- even more poignant after the death of B.
Peste Noire - L'Ordure à l'état
- utter headfuck of a black metal masterpiece.
Hateful Abandon - Move
- post-punk influenced urban blight
Rawhide - Branded for Life
- Sleazy rock n roll, like Entombed doing Motörhead.

Gig of the year has to go to Iron Maiden at the Belfast Odyssey Arena, not just for the show but the entire experience of a wonderful city in some beautiful surroundings.
Special mention to Ravens Creed, Arkham Witch and Sigiriya for the Devil's Church gig, which again was an awesome day out!

Now…off to await the big announcement Iron Maiden have planned for 9pm tonight…