Sunday, 13 July 2008

The Lamp Of Thoth - The Doom Metal Inquisition @ 1 In 12 Club, Bradford - 12th July 2008

Saturday 12th July 2008: Thee Doom Metal Inquisition, Bradford, England. A very serious day of pagan music, orchestrated by a shadowy organisation known as "The Miskatonic Foundation". They served up a grim feast indeed, including Claw favourites such as Lamp Of Thoth, WARNING and Pagan Altar.

I dunno about thee other 2 guys but I had a blast!

Set of the day goes to Keighley based The Lamp Of Thoth. In fact I reckon that their set at the DMI might have been a contender for Thee Claw's show of the year! I wager that this show is gonna figure somewhere up at the top of our top 10 list of gigs at the end of 2008. And that's some high praise indeed, considering we've already seen bands of the stature of Iron Maiden, Trouble, Judas Priest, KISS, Dio *and* Motorhead!

In our opinion The Lamp Of Thoth should rank spectacularly amongst that list.

It's no exaggeration to say that these guys will one day be as well known and successful as all of the above. Thee Claw loves The Lamp!

The Lamp Of Thoth's set @ The D.M.I. included:
Lamp Of Thoth / Wings Of Doom / Blood On Satan's Claw / Pagan Daze / You Will Obey / Hand Of Glory

More reviews regarding this day's bands to follow from the rest of Thee Brothers Claw, hopefully!

The Lamp Of Thoth myspace page:

Quote from guitarist Randy Reaper (which he called out during their song Hand Of Glory): "Nu Metal is no laughing matter!!"

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Patchie said...

Lamp of Thoth are the new Cirith Ungol, WORSHIP OR DIE!