Friday, 6 June 2008

Brutal Truth, Dublin 2007

Currently, I'm sat at a terminal next to SJW in the departures lounge of Dublin Airport, having last night been to The Voodoo Lounge to see Narcosis, Total Fucking Destruction and Brutal Truth.
It was absolutely awesome.

TFD were great, Rich Hoak is now my hero.
He just pulls the best faces ever.
Halfway through they broke a string and Rich got up and read some poetry.
When he's playing the drums he looks like he's trying to wrap up a parcel of cooked spaghetti on a disintegrating motorbike on the motorway on drugs.

Leeds' Narcosis were awesome.
They have the most animated singer in the world; if he was in a band with Rich Hoak, the world would end.
Quite a lot of the set's vocals were delivered from all over the stage, in the pit, up by the bar, everywere!
Awesome modern grind.

Brutal truth are Brutal Truth, the were no real surprises in the setlist except a cover of Sister Fucker by EyeHateGod which was well sick.

Afterwards we ended up in some grotty pub, raving to some snide euromixes!
So now, we fly back to England, get something to eat, and then we are off to Manchester tonight to see them all again.

Brutal Truth could play any permutation of the set list Rich gave me, so I won't bother running through it.
They play Walking Corpse, don't worry!
Some sick merchandise as well.
You should try to get yourselves along to any remaining dates on this tour, if I could have got a week off, I'd go to all of them!

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