Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Recently arrived in the mail: We've got our hands on a copy of the new Coalesce record "Ox" here at Claw Towers. It's top fucking notch, the vocals remind me a lot of 25 Ta Life.

Get on over to The Coalesce Myspace Page and check this bad boy out.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Anal Cunt "Tour Rider" (For Upcoming Shows In Europe, 2009)

Legendary grindcore freaks Anal Cunt (US) joins forces with the ever-provoking hardcore bastards Haggis (Norway) on this massive FUCK YOU of a show. To top it all off, notorious Australian crime lord (he's served his time, liberals) and author of ten consecutive bestselling books, Mark 'Chopper' Read, glues it all together in an MC / spoken word role.

The tour starts in Norway. on the 1st of October and
dates available are 5-15th of October.

We have two ways of booking this show:

1 Way:

*The bands play for 100% of the door after break even
with 20 euro (or the equivalent in whatever currency is used) tickets/entrance
fee. Promoter supplies proper P.A and Rider.

2nd Way:

*The band gets a guarantee of 3500 euro + 25% of the
door after break even. Venue/promoter supplies proper P.A and Rider.

Note: The bands bring full backline. Venue/promoter must provide a
proper P.A and sound engineer that is not retarded, deaf or can't speak English!
Also if the venue does not have a
shower, Venue/promoter must also pay for a hotel room nearby where we can get cleaned up.

The venue MUST have a backstage with room enough for both bands

The venue MUST have a stage; we don't play on the fucking floor!

The venue MUST have a space set up for our merch with proper lights

One (1) Local act is allowed as support, but to be honest, it’s not needed

1 Hot meal pr travelling member, MEAT no vegetarian crap!

All beverages are to be served COLD!even the red wine.

2 Large pizzas with MOZZARELLA cheese, tomato/marinara
sauce, and pizza dough.

2 750 ml (or litre) bottle of Jim Beam (or 3 Litres of Jack Daniels)

1 Case of Guinness and 3 cases of high quality local beer with a minimum
alcohol percentage of 4.5%

44 Drink tickets if show is at a place that has a bar

12 Cans or bottles of sprite or ginger ale (super important, Seth cant sing
without this)

26 Cans or bottles of coke (plastic bottles will not do!)

24 Bottles of spring water and 2 bottles of cheap-ass red wine with a minimum alcohol percentage of 12%

2 Pack's of Marlboro lights cigarettes, 10 big towels, plenty of ice cubes,
cups, various sweets and snacks

Euro flyer taken directly from The Luminaire... uh, good luck with that show guys!