Monday, 24 November 2008

Ramesses, Korova, 23/11/08 (H)

A quick one about last nights gig at korova.
I managed to catch Goatspeed, Dragged Into Sunlight and Ramesses.
Grief supposedly had tyre trouble in the channel tunnel and somebody said that Trap Them were with them so they were both a no show, Grief are apparently playing korova for free on thurdsay but I thought the bands I caught were well worth the 8 quid!
Goatspeed played fast hardcore style metal with a few grooves, not bad!
Dragged Into Sunlight brought a pure grim atmosphere with smoke and flame and a pretty good nasty mix of allsorts of old black/death metal styles. They were great!
Ramesses were basically Ramesses, jamming out and dooming on, good shit!!!

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