Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Late Night Antics On The Road Home After Dio

Roadside fun with Thee Claw Boys. You really don't need to know what that was in those buckets.

We weren't allowed to take the big camera into the DIO concert tonight (my fault for not calling the venue in advance and arranging a photo pass). Anyway, it was an awesome show, the support band were GIRLSCHOOL - or, as SKUM has rechristened them, MILFschool. They were outstanding. And DIO never let us down... You know, I think I even saw R.J.D. throw a claw at one point instead of his trademark devil horns. Musta been a mistake!

Also, tonight was the 30th concert of the 2008 CLAW ON TOUR. That's 30 gigs, including 4 all-day events (each being counted for 1 concert apiece even though they could notch up about 30 more bands between them if you wanted to be picky), and we're only just gettin started. Bring on Twickenham!

We still owe you a review and some photos from the RAVENS CREED gig over in Leeds from yesterday. Mark my words, that band is going to be legendary.

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