Monday, 19 March 2007

Sunn O))) In Norway

Went to see Sunn play a gig in Bergen Norway last night. They played in a cathedral and it was different to say the least. They used guitars, vocals, the cathedral pipe organ, a moog synthesizer and a trombone. Hahaha, trombone.

When the music ended and the band disappeared away into the back rooms of the church we ran up to the stage and took photos of the bands stuff that they had left strewn about the stage. Well, *I* ran up on the stage, camera in hand. Then everyone else kind of followed me up. It was really funny actually, everyone slowly crept over to take a look at the stage and I waded through, stood on the front of the stage with my arms stretched up and making 2 claws with my hands and got my photo took, then grabbed the camera and went onto the stage and took close ups of all the amps and guitars. hahaha, well why not; what were they going to do, kick me out of church? God botherers.

When everyone started taking photos it looked like a gang of police photographers at a crime scene taking close ups of the evidence of a murder or something. Some guy who helped set up the event then came over and basically told us to leave. Well he tried to, but instead we started asking him about the gig, how it was set up, a black metal show in a church! He said that they had arranged the show very tactfully, they told the people from the church that Sunn is a band who play medievil style music from the Scandinavian tradition. Something like that. So the church said "oh okay" and let a gang of black metal satanists loose in the hallowed halls. Sick!

After the gig we spoke to the guys in the band for about 2 minutes, we met them outside the church then I ran over and grabbed Attila Csihar (who did the vocals) and asked him about the gig... what exactly was he singing about and what language was it exactly? He told us it was all in Hungarian and "some was spoken in tongues" and the lyrical content was mainly about the church being fake and it will crumble and burn, Jesus is a made up story. Things like that. Wow.

Patchie, Attila Csihar and yours truly.

After the gig we went back to our hotel room with a bunch of other guys that had traveled for the show and proceeded to get hammered on Jagermeister and vodka. Then someone said "what's the time?" and we realised it was midnight. So then we all went to the local rock club and carried on getting drunk. Norwegian prices are ridiculous though, but since they had no merchandise at the show I still had a pocketful of money to piss up the wall. We bought Guinness and talked shit for hours.

By the way, we ended up drinking in the club til about 3 or 4am, with SunnO)), In Flames and Gorgoroth. 3 metal bands, all hanging out in 1 club all at once. Really we never spoke to the 2 other bands at all, they just happened to be there. Me and Patchie ended up talking to Greg Anderson and Toz from Sunn and agreeing to go and see them when they tour in Japan in May.

We never got to bed til half 6 this morning and then I was back up to get out of the hotel room for 11am.

Other things we did:

  • Took stacks of touristy photos and threw Claws at monuments
  • Ate starnge Norwegian style pies, kinda like pancakes folded in half and filled with cheese & ham
  • Tried to teach European types how to speak Scouse
  • Drank far too much Jagermeister
  • Someone (no names mentioned) fell asleep in the shower for 2 hours

    There's stacks more to say, but right now I am hung over and can't even begin to think straight. I had to come and sit down though, so I figured doing a bit of a blog post would straighten my brain out. Instead I am here rattling like a junkie who needs a fix, with my heart fluttering in my chest.

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