Friday, 28 December 2007

Claw Tour 2008

We've already got some dates (preliminary) for the 2008 tour itinerary. List to be updated whenever I discover something new:

Last updated April 27th 2008

12th Jan: Orange Goblin (Liverpool)
19th Jan: The Almighty (Manchester)
29th Jan: Henry Rollins (Manchester, spoken word)
30th Jan: Kylesa / Baroness (Manchester)
7th Feb: Earth & Sir Richard Bishop (Manchester)
8th Feb: Brutal Truth (Sheffield)
14th Feb: Iron Maiden (Yokohama)
15th Feb: Iron Maiden (Chiba City, Tokyo)
26th Feb: Mayhem (Birmingham Barfly)
16th March: Gallhammer (Liverpool)
20th March: Weedeater (Manchester)
9th April: Portishead (Manchester)
17th April - 20th April: Roadburn Festival (Tilburg)
21st April: Boris (Manchester)
24th April: Suffocation (Manchester)

8th May: Gloomy Sunday (Manchester)
10th May: Heavyfest All-dayer (Bradford)
11th May: Genghis Tron (Leeds)
13th May: Shit & Shine (Brudenell Social Club, Leeds)
17th May: Charger, Mountains Became Machines, Krupskaya (Stoke)
21st May: Today Is The Day (Birmingham)
27th May: Dio (Birmingham)
29th May: Ministry (Manchester)
22nd June: Melt Banana (Birmingham)
5th July: Iron Maiden (Twickenham)
11th - 13th July: Supersonic (Birmingham)
12th July: Doom Metal Inquisition (Bradford)
15th July: Whitesnake & Def Leppard (Liverpool Arena)
18th October: Queen & Paul Rodgers (Liverpool Arena)

No date yet but on the list: Southern Lord's ASVA are touring the UK in June or July. Let's hope dates don't clash with anything already on the list.

Also on the list is a trip to Holland for the 2008 Roadburn Festival to see Trouble, Celtic Frost and Boris play, although not all at the same time. Which is a shame.

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