Sunday, 20 January 2008

The Almighty, Manchester 19-01-08

Last night we went across to Manchester to see British hard rock band The Almighty on their 20th Anniversary tour. I was never really that big a fan of the band back in the day, but it was a gig to go to, and all our mates were going as well, so we thought, "Why not?".
The Almighty were much loved in England when they first started out, but never really broke big anywhere else, much like bands like the Wildhearts and Wolfsbane etc.
Last night was (I'm told) a good mix of their material, unfortunately I'm not familiar enough with any of it to give you any indication of what they played though. It was good old fashioned rock with a hint of punk thrown in, but not really my cup of tea.
Sorry, this is the most useless review ever, isn't it?

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