Thursday, 21 February 2008

New Vinyl

Totally stoked about this. Just bought - from a second hand record store that is just 2 minutes walk from my hotel here in Ikebukuro - a Misfits 12" picture disc of "Horror Business Sessions 77-81, Volume 2" . The cover art says it has 14 tracks in total and the disc was pressed in Poland. And it is a "limited edition" of 666 copies.

Not a bad find, considering that the record shop in question specialises in jazz! They also had a ton of other stuff, mainly punk, some Eyehategod vinyl too... I only had enough cash spare for the one purchase though and I have never seen this particular Misfits record before. Sure I could get extra cash from the bank I guess but, knowing my luck, the vinyl will be damaged on the flight home or something.


Patchie said...

Crass - Penis Envy - Got that on vinyl in Leeds last year lid!
Who put Eyehategod in the UK Punk section?!?

SJW said...

I know yeh, but I saw that and I was like "Fucking boss!!". Then I saw the Crass and got even more excited... but I knew the cover and knew that you must have it haha. Then I saw the fits vinyl and that, as they say, was that.