Thursday, 24 April 2008

Tank 86 - Behold

Whilst away at Roadburn, I was lucky enough to be handed a copy of Behold by Dutch four piece band Tank 86.

It's a CD with five tracks on, all instrumental, with Capricorns being an obvious comparison, as well as some of the other post-rock stuff that's knocking about at the moment, but I hate using that phrase, so I won't do it again!
The bass is quite near the forefront of the mix but this isn't a bad thing, Jochum's basslines helping to define the songs especially during some of the rockier moments, such as on Dmitri and Dust, which builds up to a total fists in the air headbanging section after about three minutes.
Flame shows some influence to my ears of Iron Maiden, after about two minutes you get this maiden-esque riffing, which is never a bad thing. Bluesy solos from Floris and Joost float over the top of the music adding another dimension to the tracks.
After listening to Tank86 the first time, I sat in silence for a few seconds letting it sink in before putting Behold straight back on again. It's pretty much the only thing I listened to all day yesterday, over and over again.
Total instrumental stoner rock goodness that makes you want to spark up and stick your headphones on, I'm going to listen to it again right now!

Link: Tank 86

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