Friday, 2 May 2008

Trouble Ahead...


Kory Clarke of WARRIOR SOUL has joined legendary Illinois doomsters TROUBLE as the group's new frontman.

The news comes as the band returns to its Chicago base following a successful European tour.

TROUBLE founder and guitarist Rick Wartell explains: "It was a mutual agreement [between now-former TROUBLE singer Eric Wagner and the rest of the band to go our separate ways]. You need to follow your heart in this business and if you are not into it 100% then it is time to move on. We all felt it was the best thing for all parties involved. There are no hard feelings. I'm sure Eric will continue making music and we wish him the best."

Wartell went on to say: "We are very excited to have Kory step in and take over the vocals for TROUBLE. He's been one of my favorite frontmen in this industry for many years. He will add a new dimension that we can use. It's not like we just picked out some guy to fill in, this is one of rock's most dynamic and creative frontmen in the industry. I know that when TROUBLE fans get a taste of what Kory does they will not be disappointed at all. Anyone who has seen Kory with WARRIOR SOUL already knows what to expect, and it's awesome."

Thee Claw is not impressed with their choice of new vocalist but it wishes Eric Wagner good luck in whatever he plans to do with his career now and hopes for his safe return to Trouble sometime in the future if he should ever change his mind.

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