Monday, 9 February 2009

Sunn To Play London Again

It's been a while since we saw Sunn play a gig now.

December 2007 in fact. That was the last time I think, in London when they played a special show with Boris & Earth, that was the night they played the material from Altar.

Well O'Malley & Anderson are in London again on Feb 22nd (a Sunday) and guess what, it's another one-off concert, this time being held at a place called Corsica Studios. As of yet I have never been to that venue, but from what I hear it's quite small (a capacity of 200 or so people) which is about the same size as the venue where I saw Sunn for the first time in Liverpool (a now defunct club called Roadkill). That was "small" as well... not really that small to be truthful, its just how I like my gigs to be in fact.

This year THEE CLAW has changed its priorities, we've made a decision to take our collective foot off the pedal and let things happen without forcing it. That's pretty much how we kept things for 18 months at one point, non stop gigs. It sounds like a ball, and it surely was, but we aren't professional journalists and we're not backstage luvvies, all of our gig tickets were paid for out of our own damn pockets and we travelled to venues across Europe under our own steam, no freebies here. And after a while we realised that we had put gigs first and everything else was left to rot. There's only so long that you can do that for.

BUT - you can't deny the call of the claw for very long. We have fucking missed being deaf for too long! We're live music junkies. And what better fix is there than to go to London and listen to doom drone via tube amplifiers? Fuck yeah, we need some of that.

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