Sunday, 26 July 2009

Supersonic 2009

Hello from Birmingham!

Well, not Birmingham really - more like a motorway services just outside Brum. We're here on the road again, on our way from Superonic to London for tonight's show at Scala with The Accused, Thorr's Hammer and Corrupted. Right now everyone in our group is pretty hung over and needing more sleep. Rock and fucking Roll or what!

We've already been through 2 days of Supersonic, Fri & Sat, and it was a good event for sure. Lots of top bands played, and we were there to check em out on your behalf. That's what we're here for, after all. The first night (Friday) included performances from ATOMIZED, KYLIE MONOISE, SUNN 0))), VENTIAN SNARES and more. Yesterday (Saturday) we checked out ROSE KEMP, IRON LUNG, THE ACCUSED, THORR'S HAMMER, CORRUPTED and a whole host of other good shit that I can't recall right now (or can't spell even haha).

Really enjoyed catching up with all of of friends from around the UK, including the boys from BLACK SUN (Russell is a legend), THEY ARE COWARDS (all of them!), plus others.

We checked out a couple of Q&A sessions that were held in the Supersonic cinema space (perfomance space even), including one about the state of the independant music scene in the digital age. later on there was a great half-hour interview with the guys from Sunn 0))) and Nick Bullen (he of NAPALM DEATH and Grindcore renoun). A great excuse to sit down in a darkened room for 30 minutes and get an education about the roots of the music that we know and love, all being told in the home of metal, Brumingham.

Okay, time to get back on the road. Only 150 miles (or so) to London now, and guess what, I'm the damn chauffeur. Haha, big mistake! Once we get to the hotel down the The Smoke then I'm hoping they will have some in-room internet access. If so, photos to follow.

One last note - if you are a fan of cider, see if you can track down agreat brand called Hogans. Fucking lovely stuff.

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