Friday, 27 November 2009

Sometimes, dead is better.

Relapse Records have released the entire(almost) output of Swedish death metal pioneers Nirvana 2002 on super limited see through gatefold LP. Which is not available to the public, just the 180gm Black vinyl.
The question I'm asking though, is why? The demos are solid peices of early nineties death metal, free of the Sunlight sound, and definitely influental on the burgeoning European death metal scene, but you know, Nirvana 2002's time is gone. Long gone. Orvar ended up singing on Entombed's Crawl EP, and then didn't make the position full time. Really, what is the relevance of this release? If you are (or were) into that period of DM, you'd have these somewhere. OR, you'd know where to find them online. Have they been remastered? Nope. Just sound like compressed versions of old tapes.
It seems that record companies are too eager to put out compilations of long-defunct bands, hyping them up in the press as forefathers of this or that, when nobody really wanted to touch them in the first place.
Instant Death Metal history! Pretend it's 1991!! Re-package!! Re-sell!!!
If you remember Nirvana 2002 you know how important they were, and you probably have the recordings. I doubt Orvar needs your money, and Relapse sure as hell don't.
That said, if you haven't heard Nirvana 2002, you SHOULD do. ASAP.

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