Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Most sincere apologies to Dawn of Gehenna.....

About eighteen months ago, at Holland's Roadburn festival, I was given a demo by a long haired chap outside the 013 venue.
I popped it in my pocket and forgot about it (this was the day of the Pirate Goth, so those of you that were there will know exactly WHY I managed to misplace it), until last week when I finally got around to re-ordering my CDs after moving house a year ago and I found it in a bag.
I went straight over to Metal Archives to check out the band, Dawn of Gehenna, and I read those two magic words "Doom Metal".
I'd (for some reason) not even checked out who the CD was by and had just sky rocketed it, thinking it to be some form of Black Metal. Shit, looking at their info it looked as if it was vocalist Mart himself who'd given me it. Sorry man, if you're reading this I apologise, maybe next time I'll buy you a drink and have a chat to make up for it?

Anyway, just popped it in, and it's top notch, trad doom with keyboards and everything.
Reminds me of Count Raven, crossed with what Anathema could have sounded like if they hadn't decided to try and be Pink Floyd.
Standout track for me is #2; Tidal Wave (of Airless Choking Dreams) Mart's powerful voice sits really well with these ears.

Anyway, what can I say? Better late than never. Sorry I took so long guys, but I love it!
Just found this info on their site:
In spring of 2007, some of the material from Taak's "Koerapööriöö" sessions was remixed on analogue technology which, combined with freshly recorded English lyrics, resulted in a promo/demo CD-R "Doom Enclave". About 200 copies were freely distributed to the curious (and the people wearing the "right" T-shirts, he-he) at the Roadburn 2007 festival in Tilburg, Holland. The rest will be sent to labels, so the disk can't actually be bought. If you believe you have a good enough reason to own one, please feel free to get in touch.

Doom on!

I had a Pagan Altar t-shirt on. Gwa'aaaan!!

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