Thursday, 28 January 2010

Sunn 0))) vs Norway (Round 2)

Forgot to mention! Me and my lady went to Norway (AKA Land of the Eternal Winter) last week for a short city-break in Oslo. It just so happened that SUNN 0))) were playing a couple of gigs in town at the exact same time that we were there. I mean, what are the chances, right?

The show was held in a place called Chateau Neuf, a seated venue. The auditorium were the show was performed reminded me a lot of the Zion Arts Centre in Manchester or the Royal Festival Hall in the Southbank Centre in London.

The show was pretty long (and slow), SUNN played pretty much the same set as they did at Manchester Islington Mill back at the start of December. This was a set of material to promote the "Monoliths & Dimensions" record. How they are able to keep playing the same set of prolongued drone material night after night is beyond my capacity. This show lasted til sometime after 1am.

Naturally, my girlfriend was VERY happy about me taking her to the coldest country on the planet with the intention of sitting in the dark to observe a drone act do their thing for 4 hours. Very fucking happy indeed. I now probably owe her many thanks (and possibly a trip to some place warm) for putting up with my crazy "Hey honey, let's go to Norway so I can go and see a gig!" antics. My hat comes off to you baby. (But not for long... after all it's 6 below zero in Oslo right now and I've got no hair.) Cheers, Queen!

Check out this short video clip I took with my phone... this is was the setting for the show. Yes, total darkness! I had a good time though (RINGNES beer ist krieg!) and regular readers of this page will already know that me and Patchie are big fans of Attila Csihar's famous "didgeridoom" impersonation.

Oh and Oslo is a pretty nice city too. Almost forgot to mention that, haha.

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