Saturday, 17 April 2010

Once Again, The Lamp Sings & Slays

A quick update - today (Saturday) has been another great installment of the on-going ROADBURN. As has already reported, there have been plenty of changes to the intended line-up due to travel disruption for the likes of SHRINEBUILDER and CANDLEMASS. But there have been plenty of great bands play in their place. Bands such as WITCHCRAFT (who have just finished their set on the Main Stage not 20 minutes ago) who stepped in at the last moment to help fill in the gaps.

I spent this evening watching LAMP OF THOTH play their set in The Bat Cave at 013. Same stage where I have seen BLACK SUN and CHURCH OF MISERY play, fact fans! As always, THE LAMP delivered a fine performance. We even got an encore from them... hope that their set will be a contender for release on the Roadburn Records label some time in the next year! If so, I have some photos that they can use on the inner sleeve, haha.

Okay, JOHN GARCIA is up on the main stage next playing KYUSS tunes. Better get back to it!

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