Monday, 16 August 2010

Twisted Sister @ Bloodstock 2010

Saw TWISTED SISTER last night at the 10th Bloodstock festival in the UK. They played a great set, lots of on stage rants in between songs (about the weather of all things) and they played a lot of their early stuff, a greatest hits performance.

People who think that TWISTED SISTER are only about 2 hit songs... fuck off!


Come Out and Play
The Kids are Back
Stay Hungry
Captain Howdy
Shoot Em Down
You Can't Stop Rock & Roll
The Fire Still Burns
I Am, I'm Me
We're Not Gonna Take It
The Price
Burn In Hell
A drum solo
I Wanna Rock

They played an encore too but, for my sins, I started the long walk to the car park around that time. I hear they played SMF at the end... fuck!!

The Bloodstock guys put together a really good list of bands for the Sunday this year, including SUFFOCATION and GWAR, and the weather was really good. I have got sunstroke today I think. My own fault for not wearing a hat or corpse paint. But then, people who wear corpse paint to outdoor festivals are fucking losers, haha.

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