Thursday, 10 March 2011

Watain (Liverpool Masque), 9th March 2011

Date: Wednesday 9 March 2011
Venue: The Masque Theatre, Liverpool, UK
Line-Up: Aosoth, Shining, Watain
Promoter: Whiplash

Swedish black metallers WATAIN played a show in Liverpool yesterday evening, their 2nd gig in this city in 6 months. Their very powerful stage show was in full effect with lots of corpse paint, lots of fire... and gallons of blood!

Tonight's show holds the current record for being the smelliest gig I've ever attended. STENCH is the word even! But then I guess it's not black metal unless it stinks to high heaven, right?

WATAIN setlist:

1) Death's Cold Dark
2) Malfeitor
3) Storm of the Antichrist
4) I Am The Earth
5) My Fists Are Him
6) Reaping Death
7) The Serpent's Chalice
8) Wolves Curse
9) Total Funeral
10) Waters of Ain

Total Funeral was fucking intense. The show ended with E dousing the crowd with a pot of pig's blood. None of this "fake blood" bollocks here thanks! Fucking brutal gig.

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