Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Patchie's Record of the Week

Rawhide - Branded for Life EP

I was going to start this review off by saying "imagine, Motörhead on speed" but then I though, no, that is Motörhead.
So, imagine, being on speed, listening to Motörhead on speed, but this Motörhead have been listening to a load of garage rock and going crazy worshipping bands like Midnight and Venom.

If this doesn't get you interested then I don't know what will.
Just 4 tracks on this EP giving you a taste of what these Swedes are all about, like a d-beat version of WBTD that you can sing along to.
THe first song, the title track has a grimy rock n' roll feel to it, bringing to mind sunglasses indoors, cigarette smoke and old, old leather jackets, a barnstorming start to the EP.
Out of Track starts off with a more slowed down intro, before careering off into a Poison Idea style stomper, excellent guitar solo in this. By the time I was up to Through My Eyes, I was considering whether I can get away with wearing cowboy boots, it's that cool. Another great fists in the air chorus on this one. EP closer, Sanitarium Blues is a UK Subs style pogoing monster of a track, which I can imagine blasting out of the windows of Thee Clawmobile as we hit 105 down the M62.
All in all it's a solid, rocking punk stormer of an EP, and I can't wait to hear the full length.
Keep an eye on these guys, keep an eye on your girl when they're around.

In a nutshell: Motörhead and Venom meet for bare knuckle fight behind a nightclub that The Damned are playing at, and create the sound Darkthrone have been after for a few years now.
Get yourself over to PATAC and get it ordered. First come, first sleazed.

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