Monday, 7 November 2011

Motörhead, Liverpool University, November 6th 2011

You can always be sure that winter has finally arrived in the North of England when you go to watch Motörhead on their customary tour.
For the first time in a few years we had the pleasure of simply travelling into Liverpool for the gig, instead of travelling over to Manchester. No real photos either tonight gang, we were too busy enjoying ourselves.

Support came from UK Subs (who we had missed) and Anti Nowhere League who played a solid set; watching them from the side of the stage and singing along to the likes of We Are The League made me feel thirteen again. When they finished, Animal strutted off the stage and through the crowd, straight into me, and I covered my boots with Strongbow. Punk's not dead!!
Just before the ANL's set, a rumour was going round that Motörhead weren't going to make it as there had been an accident on the motorway and that everyone would be refunded at nine thirty. As we were pondering this in the bar we heard the familiar rise and fall of an air raid siren…not only are Motörhead in the building, they're about to come onstage!!
We run to the (it must be said, pretty intimate) main room just in time to hear the opening notes of Bomber, Phil prowling the stage whilst Mikkey (surely one of the best drummers in metal today) bashes away and Lemmy, gnarled anti-hero extraordinaire, marshals everything from behind his Rickenbacker. Bomber is unbelievably followed by Damage Case, and I can already go home happy!
You almost always know what you're going to get from Motörhead, Stay Clean with THAT bass solo, Iron Fist fooling the uneducated into thinking Ace of Spades is about to start, but mid-way through the set, a sweat-soaked Orgasmatron completely takes me by surprise, Lemmy bathed in green ghost light as he sings of banners drenched in blood and crowns studded with eyes. Powerful.
Towards the end of the set, Lemmy puts his bass down, Mikkey comes out from behind his set and sits down with an acoustic guitar and they play Whorehouse Blues, which is a nice change of pace.
In an episode we are sure to repeat hundreds of times, during Killed By Death we noticed we were stood next to Carcass frontman Jeff Walker, so started singing "stood by Jeff" at the top of our lungs, to much bemusement on behalf of anyone around us. Of course, Ace of Spades, your dad's favourite Motörhead song, gets the crowd going nuts and set closer Overkill is still not long enough, and never will be, because you know when it's finished you have to go home.

And Lemmy gets to smoke behind his amps.

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